Let the war begin: Trump versus the House Democrats and – America and its people

This war he initiated is against the House Democrats and is based on political issues. But its also against this nation’s democracy and the people of America.

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Trump wanted a war and so he started one; and that was a monumental mistake. Now he is going to find out how brutal a war can be. This war he initiated is against the House Democrats and is based on political issues. But its also against this nation’s democracy and the people of America.  

So, let the war begin. Actually it already began with the investigations by the House Democrats and the Judiciary committee relative to the Mueller report. It will now significantly expand with the start of the campaign for the presidency in 2020. This promises to be a fierce war that will rage across the country.

That is, if Trump does not get impeached or he resigns under a cloud of obstruction and lawlessness.

While this Trump war is going on Democrats will be working long and hard gathering more and more evidence that will prove that Trump did, in fact, make numerous attempts to obstruct the Russian investigation. Mueller’s report indicates that there were ten different cases where there is no question but that this president committed obstruction of justice.

Trump has Attorney General Barr standing by his side, covering up for him, and trying to protect him from the charges he could be facing soon. Barr doesn’t even try to hide the fact that he is acting as the president’s lawyer and will do anything he is told. The problem is that, he himself, may face impeachment for the lies he has told Congress while recently testifying under oath.

Trump has laid down the gauntlet and dared the Democrats to try to stop him from preventing key witnesses from testifying before House committees which if he follows through with his threat will, once again, amount to obstruction on his part.

Trump continues to dismiss the rule of law and the Constitutional powers of Congress. What should, what will Democrats do? They need to act quickly and issue subpoenas to every witness who decide to follow Trump’s dictates and refuses to testify.

As far as Barr’s refusal to come before the House Judiciary committee on May 2, its chairman Rep. Jerry Nadler has “threatened” to hold him in contempt of Congress for that reason as well as his refusal to provide an unredacted version of the Mueller report.

I’m very tired of hearing Democrats “threatening” to issue subpoenas and contempt citations. They need to stop just threatening, stop the vacillating, and issue them now. They need to do their jobs.

“Crooked” William Barr is a lot like “crooked” Donald Trump in that he thinks he is above the law, that he does not have to adhere to any law. It’s time he is taught a lesson that he will never forget.

What if Nadler issues that citation, what will happen, can an Attorney General of the US be held in contempt?

I don’t think it’s ever happened before but there’s always a first time. Various analysts on TV say that holding him in contempt would entail a very long court process, so why do it? Well, the answer is, why fail to do it? Why let him off the hook and let him glory in the fact that he defied Congress and got away with it? Don’t let him have that satisfaction.

We need to remind readers of the skeletons that are still hiding in Barr’s closet. This will be a bit repetitive for those who regularly read my articles, but it’s important to, once again, bring his sordid record of past cover-ups up.

Back in 1992, the first time Barr was Attorney General, the famed journalist, William Safire of the New York Times, referred to him as “Cover-up-general Barr because of his prominent role in burying evidence of then Vice President and later President H.W. Bush’s involvement in “Irangate” and “Iraqqate”, which were criminal actions.

Notice the words Safire used, “burying evidence.” Wow, history most certainly repeats itself as that is exactly what Barr is doing right now; trying with all his might to bury evidence involving Trump’s obstruction.

Democrats need to go after both Trump and Barr like a swarm of angry hornets and not give either of them even a minute’s rest. Remember, Nixon wasn’t impeached. He saw the handwriting on the wall with his name on it. He knew that he had no way to escape justice and so he resigned.

The real key to proving that Trump has committed obstruction of justice lies with the soon to come testimony of Mueller and Don McGahn, Trump’s former lawyer. Both will, in one way or the other, appear before the Judiciary committee and testify.

Mueller’s testimony will open wide the door to everything that was involved with his Russian investigation and it’s expected that he will clarify what was in his report. Of greatest importance will be his clarification of the 10 incidents that he indicated were cases of obstruction by this president.

Sure, Democrats need to do everything in their power to use those 10 examples of obstruction to make their case against this president, that’s critically important. But what is absolutely astounding is that, while they are doing exactly that, Trump is committing more and more obstruction of justice almost every day based his actions and his statements. He is as guilty as sin, and along with Barr, a national disgrace.

Mueller and McGahn’s testimony will be the key to determining the fate of Trump, while he is president or after he decides he must resign and leave office. Mueller’s testimony will show just how very devious and criminal these attempts by Barr to cover up evidence were. Barr’s reputation will be stained for the rest of his life.

McGahn will also clarify that part of the report that says that Trump told him to inform Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein to fire Mueller, which he refused to do.

So, right now, as things seem to be very dark and dismal, with Trump and Barr using every possible tactic to block or delay all attempts by House Democrats to prove this president is guilty of obstruction of justice, there are distinct signs that things are about to change.

Democrats just need to stay on course, do not let up for a minute; dig and dig and dig some more. Get his tax returns, obtain business records from Deutsche Bank, and find more individuals who have seen Trump commit these crimes. There is most certainly a light at the end of this tunnel.


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