Don’t Republicans realize that they are committing political suicide?

The worst part of this entire bizarre situation is that these Republicans know this president is way out of line and starting to spin out of control and they are doing nothing about it.

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Breaking News! Republicans are now in the process of committing political suicide. That’s shocking and totally unexpected but great news for the American people. Now, some will immediately say that this is some kind of a joke, that nothing ot the kind is going to happen, and without concrete proof, it’s no more than pure speculation.

Well then, let’s discuss this issue and determine if there is far more than just speculation, that the Republican Party is on a path leading to political suicide. What are the signs and indications that this is, indeed, taking place?

During the 2016 Republican presidential campaign, there were 16 other candidates besides Trump running for president. His 16 opponents had little to no use for him, and condemned him in no uncertain terms, calling him totally unqualified, a con artist, a fake Republican, and a pathological liar.

Then, after he, somehow, managed to steal the GOP candidacy from those very vocal but weak candidate, what did they do? They made a 180 degree turn and totally embraced him as their Dear Leader who would make Hillary Clinton wish she had never decided to even campaign. Now, he could do no wrong, his policies became their policies and it was like a political marriage made in heaven.

Since then that bonding of Trump and Republicans has grown ever stronger as it blossomed over the past two years or more. Here are some of Trump’s unethical and very questionable moral positions that they so willingly embrace and defend; those that have laid the groundwork for the eventual political collapse of Trump and his minions.

Republicans in Congress, particularly in the Senate, stood by and didn’t strongly object when Trump went against most of the nations of the world and withdrew the U.S. from the Iran Nuclear Treaty, as well as the Paris Climate Accord.

Both of these terrible decisions were against the best interests of the nations of the world. Republicans, who should have made it known that this was a monumental mistake, remained silent and submissive.

When the issue of climate change, so critically important to life on this planet, was referred to by Trump as no more than a hoax and not worth any attention, they totally accepted his proclamation. And by doing that, they saw him as the amateur climate scientist who knew far more than many thousands of real climate experts.

How about the immigration issue? Right now, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials, there are 52,398 migrants in detention facilities, the largest number in the agency’s history. It is absolutely inhuman the way that ICE and this Trump administration have separated thousands upon thousands of immigrant children from their parents, putting them into cages like a bunch of animals. Who would do such a despicable thing to kids? Who? They are what is called savages.

When he started his trade war with China these Republicans, most of which were for free trade and against a tariff war, quickly bent to his dictates and backed him, even though they knew that this would severely hurt farmers and their families, and raise prices of imported Chinese products.

They were with him when he decided that Obamacare had to be destroyed. He has no intention of ever signing any legislation that would provide a system such as Medicare For All and that’s fine with them.

When he tried to put a ban on Muslims coming to this country they seconded the motion. When he clearly shows his disdain for other minorities such as African Americans, Hispanics, Muslims, gays, transgender individuals and others not like him, they see nothing wrong with that kind of racist behavior.

They were 100% behind him when he initiated that $1.5 trillion tax cut for Corporate America and the wealthiest Americans, that left the vast majority of Americans on the outside looking in.

Infrastructure. Trump says he wants to address it, that he is an expert on the matter but, then, he backs out and refuses to do it. What do Republicans say, what do they do? In the words of Sen. Kennedy of Louisiana, they do “nothing, zero, zilch, nada.”

These Republicans who are bowing down to Trump’s dictates are desperately trying to hold onto his base of supporters in order to be reelected and, therefore, dare not do or say anything against their master who is now in full control of the Republican Partly.

Those in the Congress, together with cabinet heads, all of which have been witnessing this president’s mental meltdown day after day, have their chance to be American patriots by invoking Section 4 of the 25th Amendment that states the following:

“Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.”

Will, they do it? Absolutely not!

Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich) has done something that is shaking the already crumblings foundations of of the Republican Party; he has called for the impeachment of this unfit president. Trump and many of lhis fellow Republicans didn’t hesitate to condemn him for what he dared to say; what they consider to be a treasonous act against their party. I’d bet that there are a great many other Republicans like Amash who wish that they had the courage to do the very same thing.

Rep. Amash, acting as a true American patriot, has emerged and is giving his fellow Republicans a way out of this dilemma. He has seen all of Trump’s bizarre, twisted, policies and behavior and he is more or less saying: “No, we must not accept, condone, and be complicit in what he has done and is going to do that is not in line with the Constitution and our Democratic princples. Join with me before it is too late for you.” Unfortunately, anyone who thinks that there will be a movement in the Republican Party to join with him to impeach Trump is clearly delusional.

The worst part of this entire bizarre situation is that these Republicans know this president is way out of line and starting to spin out of control. He refuses to do the will of the American people, he is subverting the Constitution, as well as the powers it grants to the Congress. This will simply not be tolerated and will be the downfall of the Republican Party.


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