If you’re innocent, not guilty, why would you need to obstruct, cover-up, and lie?

We’ll see just what kind of America that they want to live in, one in which the rule of law and the Constitution will still prevail, or one in which they both will become meaningless, irrelevant.


What’s going on in America right now is unbelievable, beyond comprehension. Here we have a president who has obstructed every attempt by House committees to have witnesses testify, who has clearly circumvented the rule of law, and who has lied to cover up his devious, illegal dealings.

And then, if you can believe it he, unabashedly, claims he is totally innocent, that all these investigations of him are a hoax, a witch hunt, and that he is a victim of Democratic hatred. Well, the fact of the matter is that an innocent person has no need to obstruct, to cover up, and lie.

If you are innocent you would willingly have your State Dept. and other agencies submit whatever documents that the Congress, in this case, the House Democrats, have requested. What sense would it make to try to hide them when they were not incriminating? You would also submit all your telephone conversations with other countries and their leaders unless classified secret.

If you had not taken part in illegal or highly questionable things, such as deceitful business dealings, then why worry about producing your tax returns that almost every president before you has done? But, if you have done those things that would be illegal or highly unethical, then there is no doubt that you would go to great lengths to hide them and refuse to turn them over.

The Senate Republicans know exactly what he has done and they know he could not be more guilty but, instead of doing what their oath of office says they should do, i.e., uphold the Constitution, what do they do instead? Well, they obstruct the Democrats’ investigations, they cover up all of Trump’s crooked actions, and they do not hesitate to lie, lie, and lie some more in Trump’s behalf. They are doing exactly the very same things that Trump has done and continues to do. Astounding!

And what about the American people who are or should be watching these historic investigations proceeding toward impeachment? Are they watching closely what is going on so they are fully informed and can make appropriate judgments? It sure doesn’t look that way and that is a major concern in this country at this time.

This is one of the darkest moments in the history of America. We have never seen a president and his controlled Republicans doing things that, without any question, are against the best interests of the nation. 

A far too large segment of the people of America who should be paying attention to these attacks on our democracy act as if they are just too busy and many just kiss off hearings saying that they are just too boring. If the American people are not properly informed and educated because they don’t take the time to listen to what is said about these major issues, then they better blame themselves, not anyone else or the media.

When your democracy is under attack you should be more than upset, you should be enraged at what is happening right before your eyes. Are the majority of the people enraged, are they even upset? Far too many of them are quite aware that Trump is a nutcase and very reckless, but they give him a pass because “that just the way this guy is”, and they don’t see the danger he represents.

This pseudo-president has, in effect, stuck a dagger into the back of America’s democracy and it may be fatal.

He has told the U.S. Congress, specifically the House Democrats, that it doesn’t matter what the Constitution says, he no longer recognizes the Congress’ Constitution-mandated authority to act as a check and a balance, and that its oversight responsibility is no longer valid. He makes it clear that he thinks he is above the law and can do anything he wishes.

Why would you have appointed an Attorney General, William Barr, who will do whatever you say, who will act as your defense attorney and use every means at his disposal to cover up for you? This is an Attorney General who violates his oath of office constantly and has no problem using misinformation to obstruct those who are looking for the truth.

Here’s the appropriate test for this president. If he has done nothing wrong, nothing illegal, not committed crimes, and not violated the Constitution, then he will in the clear. However, based on those standards, those measures of doing things that are right versus wrong, Trump completely fails the test. He is, without question, guilty as charged.

There is one more test, one for the American people. Do they understand that our Democracy is being threatened, that it is in great danger, and it may not survive? Do they understand that this president is directly responsible for this great threat? They will take that test in November of 2020 when they cast their ballots.

We’ll see just what kind of America that they want to live in, one in which the rule of law and the Constitution will still prevail, or one in which they both will become meaningless, irrelevant.


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