Friday, July 19, 2024

Tag: House of Representatives

House passes controversial bill targeting ICC officials over Israel: 42 Democrats...

Critics warn that the legislation, which passed 247-155, could undermine the court's independence and be weaponized to silence free speech in the United States.

House Republicans push sanctions on ICC over war crimes charges against...

GOP lawmakers advance legislation to penalize the International Criminal Court, despite opposition from the White House and Democratic leaders.

New bill that would effectively ban TikTok in US passes House

The bill would ban TikTok in the U.S. unless the social media platform's parent company, ByteDance, divests its holdings.

House rejects standalone Israel aid bill amid progressive opposition and humanitarian...

The failure of the Israel aid bill in the House came amidst broader legislative struggles to pass critical foreign aid.

House passes PRESS Act advancing press freedoms

If passed, the federal law would prohibit the government from compelling journalists and telecommunication providers to disclose sources and work product.

US House votes to expel George Santos

Rep. Santos faces a 23-count federal indictment that includes campaign finance crimes.

GOP ‘political arsonists’ get their man: McCarthy ousted in historic House...

The 216-210 vote to remove McCarthy (R-Calif.) came after his allies failed to come up with enough votes to table the motion to vacate.

‘The people have spoken’: Both expelled Tennessee Democrats win back their...

"This is only the beginning for this movement."

‘On what planet is that fiscally responsible?’ GOP spending cuts would...

"Even by the low standards of Congress in 2023, it's shocking how quickly House Republicans ripped up their end of the bargain that steered the country clear of default last month."

House GOP panel releases budget that would ‘destroy Social Security as...

"The largest group of House Republicans just released a budget that calls for massive tax cuts for the super-rich and raising the Social Security retirement age, a benefit cut for millions of Americans."


Dear Democrats—change the message! Please!

Ideally this can be resolved by the Democrats engaging in focused strategic and tactical consideration with one over-riding goal: How to retain the White House and Senate and win back the House.

Majority of Democrats urge Biden to withdraw amid mental fitness concerns and looming election...

This sentiment is particularly strong among younger voters, posing a significant challenge to Biden’s campaign as crucial deadlines approach.

UnitedHealth reports $7.9 billion Q2 profits as protesters decry coverage denials

Protesters reiterated their commitment to fighting for healthcare justice, emphasizing the need for systemic changes.

Biden to propose Supreme Court reforms: Ethics code and term limits amid public disapproval

This move comes amid growing public discontent with the court and recent scandals involving justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

‘Disconnection crisis’: Heatwaves and rising energy costs put low-income Americans at risk

The report, released by EPC and NEADA, warns that many low-income people face the prospect of extreme heat inside their own homes.