Bernie to the rescue

The media supporting centrists like Biden will say anything to tarnish Bernie’s reputation, even with statements that are blatantly false.


I don’t know why Chris Matthews was such a jerk, but he recently suggested that Bernie Sanders wouldn’t stop his car to help an injured person

“Suppose you’re lying on a road hurt, maybe you’ve had something happen to you, you fainted, whatever happened. Which of the candidates would stop their car and get out and help you? Which of them? Ask yourself that question and you’ve got your candidate, I think. Because I’m not sure about all of them,” Matthews said. “I think Biden wins that one pretty easily.”

Matthews added that Elizabeth Warren would “maybe” win that hypothetical before noting, “I don’t think Bernie wins it.”

The trouble with Matthews’ comment is that it’s wrong, five times over.

In October 2018, Bernie helped a woman in a wheelchair avoid getting hit by oncoming traffic.  

In December 2019, a war veteran publicly thanked Bernie for rescuing him after he contemplated suicide on account of his medical debt.  Bernie helped the veteran solve a bureaucratic mess that was leaving him charged with a large amount of money.

“For years, every Friday, Bernie would was on Thom Hartman‘s radio show. Struggling vets called into the show to share their struggle. Bernie always invited them to call his office for more immediate care. Bernie cares about veterans.” 

“A woman collapsed at the front of a Bernie Sanders rally in Derry, New Hampshire, just days after a man fainted during another campaign event for the presidential candidate.

“She was standing behind Sanders, on the first row of a group of supporters holding signs that read ‘A future to believe in’, when she fell at the candidate’s feet, apparently fainting.

“’Woman just fainted from the risers during Sander’s speech,’ John Liam, who was at the rally, said on Twitter. ‘Horrifically close to smashing her head off the podium.

“’Her face glided right alongside Sanders podium, any closer would have been terrible.’” Bernie helped pull her up

The week before that, he “rushed to the help of another supporter who also collapsed during a campaign rally.

“The man, who was reportedly a union worker, collapsed during Sanders’s speech at the Brotherhood of Electrical Workers’ union hall in Concord, New Hampshire, MSNBC reported.

“Sanders interrupted his own speech when he heard a loud thud. He turned to look at the side and, seeing the man on the ground, said: ‘Oh my God’.

“He then left the podium, abandoning his microphone to run at the man’s side.

“The man later walked out of the room.”

One thing this shows is that Chris Matthews either has a tendency to speak off-the-cuff without checking his facts, or he lies. It also shows that the media supporting centrists like Biden will say anything to tarnish Bernie’s reputation, even with statements that are blatantly false. 


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