A president unraveling right before our eyes. He must be forced to resign

How Trump is speaking to the American people about dealing with this crisis is not at all inspirational, it is demoralizing and causing them to be greatly depressed, increasing, not suppressing, their fear.


When you have a thoroughly incompetent president such as James Buchanan, James Johnson, or Herbert Hoover, it is a real problem and that is bad enough. But when you have one who has very serious emotional problems, such as Donald J. Trump, then your country is in great danger. That’s what we have in America at this time when it tries to cope with a deadly virus. 

If you’ve watched all or at least some of Trump’s daily briefings relative to the coronavirus threat to America, those starring Donald J. Trump, you know that the above title of this article describes exactly what is going on. Without a doubt, we are watching a president who is spinning out of control, unraveling mentally, right before our eyes.

These briefings originally got underway with Trump, VP Pence, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and others sharing the podium, with these medical experts providing medical advice and updates, and then answering reporters’ questions. But it wasn’t long before Trump pushed the others out of the way and featured himself the majority of the time.

He knows that he should have, but failed, to take strong measures to attack this problem back in the middle of January and coordinate all efforts just as China and South Korea did. Now that the virus is spreading across America he is starting to panic, he doesn’t know what to do next, and so he is acting like his own defense lawyer when anyone dares to ask an important question about what he might have done differently, and what he will do next.

Can you believe this? Trump has constantly been trying to promote that hydroxychloroquine drug normally used to treat malaria to curb this virus. He continues to insist that it can be a cure for the virus and he belittles medical experts who say that it needs far more testing and it can do more harm than good if it is simply rushed into use. 

Now it is being reported that one of Trump’s former lawyers has a huge investment in the company that produces that medication, and if you can believe it, one or more of Trump’s companies also has some of the same investment. What a conflict of interest, how rotten can you get, to try to promote a drug that could further enrich yourself?

When are these Republicans in Congress, especially in the Senate, going to wake up and fully realize that this president is a very sick person, one that has deep emotional problems, is unstable, and needs some kind of professional help?

We can’t go on like this. This country is headed for a monumental catastrophe unless we do something drastic to save it while there is still time. We are on a rapid downward spiral that as this coronavirus relentlessly spreads across America. This country is like a ship without a rudder, one in which the captain has left the bridge. 

The person who currently occupies the White House, Donald J. Trump, is the president of the United States in name only. A president of this country must be a strong leader, an honorable individual of integrity, a problem-solver, and inspirational. Trump doesn’t possess any of those character traits. 

CNN, MSNBC, and the major networks are televising his daily briefing nonstop. Don’t they realize what he is doing? He can’t travel around the country appearing at his campaign rallies so he is cleverly using the media to replace them. Just think how many more millions of Americans he is reaching this way. So his supporters don’t have to go to an auditorium, all they have to do is to tune in to CNN and MSNBC and others. Brilliant on the part of trump, pure stupidity on the part of the media.

We’ve been talking about a war against this virus and we must win that war at all costs. Lately, we have been hearing that New York City, the epicenter of the virus, is showing signs of reaching its apex. That’s good news for sure but this is no time to let up for one minute because, if we do, things could get a lot worse.

Democrats, of course, would remove Trump tomorrow for they see the damage he is doing to our country. Republicans, who have been submissive and subservient to their “beloved leader” aren’t going to do a thing for they will do anything to remain in power.

We keep hearing about the great shortage of ventilators, critically important to medical care and, further, that the government’s stockpile is almost empty. But we never hear what is being done to ramp up the manufacture of them all across America. What in the world are Trump and company doing? Virtually nothing!

I just heard and could hardly believe that the number of tests that have been done for this virus is less than 1% of our entire population. It is only .6%. How in the world is that even possible? This is inexcusable, it is beyond comprehension in this wealthiest, “most exceptional” country in the world. 

How Trump is speaking to the American people about dealing with this crisis is not at all inspirational, it is demoralizing and causing them to be greatly depressed, increasing, not suppressing, their fear.

The huge number of millionaires and billionaires must step forward and contribute massive amounts of their money to help others. They should realize that if they don’t do everything they can to help then they could lose everything.

Just today I heard him criticize states and their governors for not being prepared for such a crisis, how they failed to build stockpiles of medical equipment and supplies. He forgets that he has been president for over 3 years and he did nothing to advise them about this need and coordinate their efforts. 

I only see two possible ways to remove him:

1. As was the case in President Nixon’s forced departure in 1974 and, if we could see a minor miracle take place, what if there suddenly appeared a group of 5 to 10 honorable, enlightened Republican senators go to the White House and use all the power that they possess to convince Trump that he had no alternative but to resign.

2. A second possibility would be if John Bolton, Don McGahn, or someone else who has been working very close to Trump, decides that it is time to do what is right for the country and “tells all” about one or more instances in which this president did something that was clearly against the best interests of this country. I’m talking about something earth-shaking such as some sinister collusion with Putin of Russia.

This would certainly be a long shot, not the first time that a true patriot such as Patrick Henry or Daniel Ellsberg, he of the Pentagon Papers scandal, risked his reputation and, possibly his life, to put country above all else. 

If neither of those methods is feasible, then the only way left is for the American people to go to the polls in November and propel Trump out of the White House in the biggest landslide in this nation’s history. The number of votes for his opponent has to be monumental, to the point that he would be sent into political oblivion.

For those who are alarmed at how Trump is totally mishandling the response to the coronavirus crisis, I would urge them to read the book “The dangerous case of Donald Trump” by Dr. Bandy Lee and 26 of her fellow psychiatrists. In this book Dr. Lee and her fellow psychiatrists, after having studied and examined his reckless and bizarre behavior for the past several years, have concluded that this is a man who has very deep emotional problems, that he is mentally unstable, and that he poses a danger to our country.

If I were to guess what these top-level psychiatrists would say at this critical time in America’s history, it would be something like this: “how you get rid of him, by impeachment, the 25th Amendment, or by forcing him to resign, is up to this government and the American people; but removing him is an absolute must to save America from a national catastrophe. 

And lastly, the final conclusion: I just finished reading an article on foreignpolicy.com entitled “America is ailing – and leading the world” by Adam Tooze. Talk about shocking, absolutely incomprehensible here’s what it says about the U.S. response under Trump.

“Among those countries that have experienced a major outbreak, the coronavirus establishes a new metric of international standing: COVID-19 deaths per capita. To see how shambolic the Western response has been, let us assume, for sake of argument, that things are not as bad as the U.S. president has now told us to expect. Assume that the United States suffers only 100,000 dead. And assume for sake of argument that China’s figures are understated, for propaganda purposes, say by a factor of 10. Assume 33,000 people there have died so far, not 3,300. Then, in terms of COVID-19 deaths per head of population, the outcome will be 12 times worse in the United States than in China, with 12 times more deaths per capita in the country many like to call the richest and most powerful in the world, a country that had six weeks’ warning about the nature of the outbreak.”

Need we say more?


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