Trump is about to be blindsided by this rapidly emerging “October Surprise”

Mr.Trump, think of this surprise as a massive political tsunami racing right at you and that there is no way that you can escape it.


For those who are not familiar with the term October Surprise, it is typically defined as “unexpected or surprising news that breaks before an election, that has the distinct capability to help determine the outcome of the race.”

An October surprise can be unexpected or a deliberate political tactic in which one side in the campaign brings to light some previously hidden skeleton in a candidate’s closet. On the one hand, it can vastly improve a candidate’s position or virtually destroy it. It can definitely decide an election.

As we approach the coming November presidential election, we watch this surprise emerge. And that will send Trump into a political state of panic as he realizes that his chances of reelection are rapidly disappearing.

What exactly will that October Surprise fully entail? We are seeing a new Biden political team come into existence. The team members will be presidential candidate Joe Biden, former president Barack Obama, with Bernie Sanders as a key adviser on progressive matters; also Mike Bloomberg and his money will be waiting in the wings. There is no way that “his emptiness”, Trump, can possibly go up against this formidable team and hope to win, no way. 

We will call it an October Surprise but maybe we should call it the “April Surprise.” Well, either one is just fine for our purposes.

Bernie Sanders has now endorsed Biden. And we just heard that Obama has also endorsed him. Both of these endorsements represent monumental strides forward. I believe that Obama’s involvement will be invaluable and Sanders will do everything in his power to convince his millions of supporters to back Biden.

Trump might have a chance to defeat Biden in the election one on one but there is no way he can beat this Biden team. Barack Obama has been sitting on the bench itching to get into the game and now he is going to get his chance to help Biden win.

Biden’s VP must be a female that is not a centrist but, rather, a progressive-leaning type that will bring fresh new and constructive ideas to Biden’s campaign and subsequent presidency.

Here are some predictions about how Biden would match up to Trump in the November election. Biden versus Trump with no other key factors involved – Biden +5%. After Barack and Sanders join Biden’s team it becomes Biden – +20% or more and will be the biggest landslide in history.

With Obama on board, it will generate a much greater African American turnout and also boost Hispanic turnout. Sanders will add a great number of liberal progressives and younger voters.

One of the key points that the Biden/Obama team should emphasize in the presidential campaign is that, while doctors, nurses, governors, mayors, and a host of support workers were working tirelessly to bring this virus crisis under control, Trump was wasting valuable time and continually stressing that people should be going back to work to save and rejuvenate the economy.

Without question, his #1 priority was restoring the economy rather than suffocating the virus. This should be something that this team puts into Bloomberg’s commercials to show that Trump did not have the best interests of the country in mind, his mind was preoccupied with himself and his business interests.

Trump’s huge problem is going to be the fact that now everyone knows that he should have acted swiftly on the warnings he was receiving about this great threat in late January, or at least by mid-February, but he did nothing of real substance until about mid-March. This is where he will be very vulnerable to extreme criticism that will take him down.

For the record I was not a Biden supporter but, rather, was hoping Bernie Sanders would become the nominee. But Bernie just couldn’t attract enough voters to buy into his revolutionary agenda. 

When this team jumps into action we are going to see many, many surprises that will make Trump look like a born loser, that will infuriate him, ignite his temper and hatred, and further portray him as mentally unstable.

Here is Trump’s team: it’s composed of Trump, Trump, and more Trump. 

Probably the biggest benefit that comes from Obama joining the Biden team is that, with his calm, confident demeanor, he is going to remind Americans how a US president should lead the country.

 However, Obama should not dominate the dialogue, Biden must be very visible and available to all the news organizations to get his message across. He must coordinate his agenda with Obama and Sanders and his advisers, and show that he is very open to adopting some of Bernie’s best, progressive ideas. 

In deciding who should be their president Americans must realize that his or her leadership, drive, organizing skills, and the ability to connect with people are paramount and that Trump completely has failed to measure up.

So, Mr.Trump, think of this surprise as a massive political tsunami racing right at you and that there is no way that you can escape it.


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