COVID-19: A Spy Thriller

Yes, COVID-19 was invented in a CIA laboratory. At the time of its invention, a vaccine was also produced and given to the President, the Vice-President, and about 25 other political elites.


I’d love to write a spy thriller about COVID-19.  But I’ve tried to write such stuff before and was never successful in selling the book.  Nevertheless, here’s the story.

A Chinese spymaster is ordered to bring down Donald Trump.  It’s the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic.  He meets with scientists and masters of assassination.  It is suggested that they use the pandemic as way of poisoning the President.  One of the Chinese spies provides the spymaster with information that Trump has a secret mistress named Molly, whom he sees every week.  She lives in a D.C. apartment, and it should be easy to poison her with the pandemic.  But the spymaster wants to go further and poison the elite surrounding the president as well.

They know that in a week, Trump is going to “open up” the social aspects of the White House with a party.  And the Chinese ambassador has been invited.  In order to come in, every participant has to test negative for the pandemic.  And, by good Chinese fortune, Trump’s next meeting with Molly will take place the day after the party.  So the spy arranges for one of his special agents to carry 50 ampoules of pandemic with him through the Chinese embassy system to Washington. D.C.

The special agent happens to be a person who has already had a slight case of the pandemic, and he easily passes the test and can show that he is immune and not infected.  The Chinese spymaster has another agent who has been employed by the White House in its kitchen staff.  So the special agent takes the ampoules through the D.C. airport as part of the embassy staff, meets in secret with the agent on the White House kitchen staff, and gives him 47 of the ampoules.

The day of Trump’s party the spy in the White House staff is assigned to be a waiter, and he maneuvers things so that he will be waiting on the head table.  He manages to use the contents of the ampoules to poison 47 dinners.  He serves many of the infected dinners himself and makes sure that the others are served as well.

While the party is going on, the special agent gets into Molly’s apartment and uses his three ampoules to infect her bed, her toothpaste, her perfume, and other essentials.

The next evening, Trump comes over and romps with Molly.

Within two days after the party, some of the guests start having symptoms.  Others start having them later.  Molly starts getting them 5 days after her romp with the Donald.  39 of the party guests come down with COVID-19.  

An emergency medical meeting is held among the President, his medical staff, and other participants.  The President immediately has a test for COVID-19 and is cleared.  Some of the party guests have severe cases, and two of them die.  Molly has a bad case but recovers. 

How did the Donald escape?  And what about the 7 party guests?

We find out when he has a secret intelligence meeting.  It turns out that the President received a vaccination against COVID-19 several months before the first case appeared in China in 2019.


Yes, COVID-19 was invented in a CIA laboratory.  At the time of its invention, a vaccine was also produced and given to the President, the Vice-President, and about 25 other political elites.  (7 of them were guests at the Trump party).  The pandemic was then taken to a Chinese lab in Wuhan and released into the Chinese population.  Even though the U.S. had an effective vaccine, it couldn’t admit that it had it, or else it would be accused of developing COVID-19.  Of course, the Chinese guess what happened.  But they can’t say anything.


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