Who for Veep?

The big question for Bernie-ites is who they want for vice-president.


If Biden hasn’t already made it as Democratic nominee for President, the reality is that he will make it.  A vote for a third party will elect Trump, because the third parties have not yet learned to band together.  So the big question for Bernie-ites is who they want for vice-president.

On Facebook, I found a post which asked whether we would vote for Biden if Bernie were nominated as vice-president.  The answer is yes, of course.  But there are two strong reasons to say, “No.”  The first is that Biden has promised to choose a female vice-president, and that is very important.  And the second is that Bernie would never be nominated as president in 2024, because he would be far too old.  The important thing about the Veep nominee is that she should carry on Bernie’s legacy into 2024 and beyond.

“If Biden won, a woman would be nicely positioned to take over in four or eight years, and if that’s what it takes to break a 250-year-old male lock on the Oval Office, so be it.”

The most talked about candidates for vice-president have been Elizabeth Warren and  Kamala Harris.  But each of them have serious problems, and both of them in the past have abandoned some point of Bernie’s platform for their own benefit.  What I want is someone who will be solidly behind Bernie’s ideas and who will carry them into the future.

“Although most pundits predict Biden’s choice to be Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Stacy Abrams, or other moderate female candidates in the Democratic party, a more appealing option is Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard who checks all of the boxes for a successful and effective running mate. Gabbard will contribute diversity and vitality to the Democratic presidential campaign, satisfying key constituencies with which Biden lacks traction such as centrist military families. . .

“As Biden now has the Democratic nomination all to himself, he needs to look ahead to the general election. If he wants to defeat Trump and bring order back to the country, it is imperative that he choose Tulsi Gabbard as his vice-presidential running mate, broadening his coalition to include conservatives and liberals alike.”

I agree that that person is Tulsi Gabbard.  She has received negative ratings from the DNC and corporate Democrats, and for me that is a positive sign.  And in 2016 she quit the DNC so that she could endorse Bernie for President.  This is an important indication that she will follow her principles even if it may hurt herself personally.  This road is the one that Bernie has followed all his life.
With Tulsi at his back, it will be much more difficult for the third parties to argue that Bernie-ites are being “sheep” if they support Biden.   They can support Biden in the hope that Tulsi will help them take over the Democratic Party.  It is very possible that Biden will die in office or lose his position under the 25th Amendment.  In that case, Tulsi will be President.  And in the DNC stops Tulsi from succeeding Biden, she can lead the Bernie-ites to form a strong progressive party by bonding with the third parties.


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