Those Americans who refuse to wear masks, those who condone Trump’s reprehensible Covid-19 management

“Here’s what I have concluded: These two groups of Americans, those who reject masks and those who condone, are, not surprisingly, one and the same.”


What should be done to get those millions of Americans who refuse to wear masks or practice social distancing to comply with CDC guidelines? 

Some say that we should do nothing, to let these “reckless, selfish” Americans continue to do their own thing because that is their right. I say no, absolutely not, it is not their right to endanger the lives of others. They must be forced to comply if they still resist. 

But, how can this be done with so many Americans? Sadly, a new study reveals that “only about half of us are wearing masks — about 55% total. Some 45% then do not.” That is simply pathetic, a national disgrace. 

First of all, we desperately need a change in national leadership. We need a new President, Joe Biden, to use the White House Bully Pulpit to speak to all Americans and get them to understand that the only way out of this virus crisis is for each American to wear masks and practice social distancing. And he should do this regularly, energizing and motivating the people to willingly comply.

He, governors of states, and other officials need to be patient and allow people to think more deeply about this overall dilemma and their responsibility in helping to see that it is brought under control. 

If millions of Americans still refuse to comply, especially in certain parts of the country, then these are certain measures that should be taken.

When boarding airplanes, passengers must wear masks or they will not be allowed on board.

Employees in businesses who refuse to comply should be sent home and, in some cases, placed on indefinite leave. Where workers are in extremely essential jobs, the supervisors need to use good judgment in deciding what to do.

All customers must wear masks when entering stores or be kept out. Walmart, in particular, should reverse its current policy and do likewise.

Stores and bars that allow customers to enter without them should be subject to stiff fines. If they continue to refuse to comply, then they should have their licenses suspended. 

Beaches, where huge crowds refuse to comply, must be closed. 

If things get worse and worse and people continue to flaunt the directives, then they should be charged with a misdemeanor. And fined. If they then continue to assert their independence, charge them with a felony and much higher fines. They simply cannot be allowed to endanger others. 

These noncomplying individuals will find that they will be, in effect, isolated from society, kind of like societal pariahs. There is almost nowhere that they will be able to go without masks. 

Now let’s talk about “condoning” and the Americans who willingly accept and condone the policies and actions by Trump that do great harm to this county. You know, those who are cut out of the same heartless cloth as Trump

What kind of human beings were not the least bit bothered when they heard the Bob Woodward tapes in which Trump said he knew that the developing Coronavirus was extremely deadly, but purposely did not warn the American people?

These supporters know very well that he is responsible for the unnecessary deaths of countless thousands of Americans and they still fully accept and condone his reprehensible decision to refuse to issue a warning. They are complicit in the needless deaths of their fellow Americans.

Now, let’s bring up things about Trump that clearly indicate how dangerous he is to this country and is totally unfit to be president. After each one there will be a typical reply that a Trump supporter would make.

He’s a control freak, a wannabe dictator. Reply: “That’s just one more conspiracy. Who cares, he’s just naturally strong in his beliefs, it’s a part of his nature?”

He’s a womanizer, a misogynist, he insults, disparages women: Reply: “So what, lots of men are, and do things like that, that’s just how it is.”

He is a narcissist of the highest order: Reply: “well, if you don’t think of yourself as the greatest and the best at what you do, then you don’t think much of yourself, do you?”

This Vietnam War draft dodger highly insulted members and former members of the military, those who fought and died for their country, calling them suckers and losers: Reply: “He really didn’t mean those things he said he was just kind of kidding. He respects those in the military under his command.”

He is a pathological liar and spreader of misinformation according to the Washington Post and various fact-checkers. Reply: “that’s more of the same old fake news constantly put out by the Democratically-controlled national media.” 

He has some kind of strange, sinister relationship with Russia’s Putin. It seems like the head of Russia has evidence of something damning about Trump. Reply: “I’ve heard enough of this b.s. that the Democrats keep spreading. Nothing but supposition, no proof whatsoever.”

There is no question but that he has little to no use for African Americans and that he is a racist: Reply: “that’ entirely incorrect. Didn’t you hear him say that he has done more than anyone for “those people?”

What is happening to America, how in the world did we ever arrive at this point in our history when we have so many millions of Americans who know full well that, when they refuse to wear masks and practice social distancing, that they could infect others – and they don’t give a damn.

And what about those millions upon millions of Americans who have allowed themselves to be brainwashed so easily so that, without any hesitation, they accept and condone everything that Trump says and does, no matter how contemptible or twisted it may be?

Here’s what I have concluded: These two groups of Americans, those who reject masks and those who condone, are, not surprisingly, one and the same.


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