Fixed in stone: Here’s the WallopaLoser for the ages

As low as Trump has driven the country, the Georgia senate triumphs represent a remarkable, improbable bounce off the bottom.


Triple-Loser Trump Cements Record-breaking Losing Streak

Millions of gullible Americans were led to believe the world’s greatest con man had a clue how to win. Or at least to sustain the appearance of not losing. Or at least not lose in such an undeniably blatant fashion. Not only have the last weeks confirmed Trump, repeatedly and for all time, as a world-class loser, but they have swept away his smoke or mirrors, exposing his further failure as an inept coup blunderer. Like everything else Trumpian, except for inciting a riot for the history books on Wednesday, this loser can’t even ignite a coup worth doing. And every day he breaks new world record for self-pitying pathos (as with his mafia boss call to GA’s Sec’y of State).

With today’s terrorist-style invasion of the Capitol, Dismal Donald has transformed his governance by stunts into inciting an insurgency of stunts. Though painful in the short term, nothing solidifies Trump’s infamous departure as does public dramatization of his criminal illegitimacy – and that of his mob rule operatives. Removing a cancerous growth is never painless, and today’s bloodshed will not be the last.

Trump always flatters himself as being the most unique and exceptional defender of the faith against every crooked obstacle he fabricates. His exceptionality, however, has gone badly wrong, into deplorable, democracy-wounding ways that guarantee the harshest retribution. Even with more mayhem to come, Trump has padded his matchless trifecta of political losing: he lost the presidency (Electoral College and 62 court cases) by crude, ham-fisted self-sabotage; he lost the House; and now he’s lost the Senate by undercutting the rightwing Georgia turnout, mercilessly attacking GOP officials. Now he tries to shame his own slavish, Constitutionally-powerless V.P. to do his dirtiest work.

If we ever need three words to capture the Trump finale, it’s “loser on steroids” – and unfortunately, that rupture has been nationalized. Good news: the only justified penalty for a heinous Republican party that enabled this reckless, rampaging autocrat is to be dumped with the dumpster president on the trash heap of history. That’s the best punishment for sustaining for what seems an eternity a deplorable, self-evident deal with the devil. Nothing can whitewash the calamity of the last years and months, nor the Capitol terrorism, nor an endless assault to demonize “rigged elections” notable for zero fraud.

Stunt President, a Stunt Insurrection

Of course, this mock king of chaos only has desperate gestures to deploy, evidence of his radical impotence. Does not CNN’s Jim Acosta perfectly summarize what Trump has wrought as the “bonfire of the insanities”? I trust that today’s Capitol conflagration will be the turning point, when great numbers of the 74 million Trump electorate are forced to realize how voting for this creepy, criminal buffoon makes them complicit. The Capitol shocker could well be the best way for America to accept, for our survival, Trump had to be fired, definitively, with cause and for all time. No country can tolerate permanent governance by stunts, shams, and lies.

The Washington Post moderate, Karen Tumulty, summarizes the dilemma of a besieged, stolen national party on the ropes with her essay, “Trump’s devastation of the Republican Party is nearly complete:

To Trump, the party of Lincoln was a rental vehicle, one that he took for a joyride and is getting ready to turn back in, with trash jammed under the seats and stains covering the upholstery. Also, the tank is empty, and there’s a crack in the windshield. . . . But this fealty was never going to be a mutual one. The GOP is of no use to Trump anymore — except as a target for blame and recrimination.

By using Trumpism as a bludgeon against the Republican Party, Trump is the best gift to the Democrats since Bush-Cheney, even Nixon, sensational disgraces that opened a gateway for far superior presidents. Historians will spend years figuring out how Russia’s Useful Idiot graduated in his last year to become the Democratic Party’s Useful Idiot. To rephrase Churchill, never has one idiot done so much to boost his foes by shooting himself in the head while decimating his own party. What a fitting end to confirm both the illegitimacy and his epic disgrace in political malpractice.

Electoral gifts from the wounds

As low as Trump has driven the country, warring against everything but his greedy, lower self appetites, the Georgia senate triumphs represent a remarkable, improbable bounce off the bottom. As the top GA elections official, a Republican, opined, this outcome was 100% due to Trump’s attack on state Republicans and the propriety of counting votes. Let’s hope the country is shocked by the perfectly logical extension of Trump’s contempt for law and decency – today’s Trump D.C. riot. Let’s hope invading the Congress becomes the 2X4 that finally dislodges this menace as a political Svengali. What better than utter civil disorder to drive home to folks what Biden normality, warts and all, will look like. That’s an indirect gift to the incoming president, balancing all the seditious obstacles Trump’s petulance jammed into the worst transfer of power ever.

In six months, we might have to thank Trump for sniffing out and exploiting so many serious, vulnerable cracks in our system, even cause lawmakers to repair or close the most ominous of presidential loopholes. If the latest Trumpian charade – misusing the Congress to overturn an election – follows the Trump fashion, then craven scoundrels like Ted Cruz and Josh Hawley should become unelectable laughingstocks. They qualify as Useless Idiots, with only themselves to blame. The fallout from sustained Trump infamy will eventually have positive results we will cheer about – if the country survives intact and is capable of learning from failure.


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