FedEx to become 100 percent electric by 2040

“We have a responsibility to take bold action in addressing climate challenges.”


According to EcoWatch, FedEx’s entire parcel pickup and delivery fleet will become 100 percent electric by 2040, according to a statement released Wednesday. The ambitious plan includes checkpoints, such as aiming for 50 percent electric vehicles by 2025.

“We have a responsibility to take bold action in addressing climate challenges,” says Frederick W. Smith, Chairman and CEO, of the FedEx Corporation. 

As their website states, they are designating more than $2 billion of initial investment in three key areas: vehicle electrification, sustainable energy, and carbon sequestration. They are also pledging $100 million to help establish the Yale Center for Natural Carbon Capture.

While their ground fleet is their current priority, FedEx will also continue to invest in sustainable fuels to power its planes. With air pollution being a big contributor to human carbon footprint, finding a fuel alternative is important. 

FedEx, which is based in Memphis, Tennessee, is the latest giant corporation to make a specific pledge to go carbon neutral. United, Delta, and JetBlue said they would eliminate all of their emissions over the next several decades. And Uber and Lyft have pledged to go carbon neutral within a similar timeframe, reports The Verge

This great news comes as the USPS recently announced a 10-year, $485-million contract, only committing to 10% of their fleet being electric. 

According to Sierra Club, the USPS operates more than 200,000 vehicles and uses almost 200 million gallons of gasoline each year. The first of the newly ordered trucks are due to be on the road in 2023.

“From undermining our democracy to delaying climate action, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy continues to fail the United States Postal Service and the American public. The lack of commitment from the USPS to electrify its fleet directly contradicts the Biden administration’s goals and executive order to clean up pollution from the US government’s vehicles,” says Gina Coplon-Newfield, Director of Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation for All campaign.


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