Sound the alarms, McConnell and Manchin put roadblocks in front of Biden’s agenda

When will we hear our president tell us how he plans to get all this great legislation underway in a Senate that is filled with McConnell and Manchin roadblocks?


President Biden, did you hear what Mitch McConnell recently said?  He said, “ 100 percent of my focus is on stopping’ this administration’s agenda.” 

Well, what else is new? That’s what the Chief Obstructionist has been doing for many years.  of my focus is on stopping this new administration,”  

He made the same threat when President Obama was elected and did just that. Now he is going to try to obstruct everything Biden attempts to do. And this time he will have the pseudo-democratic Senator, Joe Manchin, assisting him. 

How about this guy Manchin, is he some kind of a rogue politician or what? His, like so many other senators, main objective is to get reelected. This is a senator that will make sure that he doesn’t anger his many GOP constituents. He doesn’t seem to worry about angering Democrats.

Whether President Biden realizes it or not Senators. Manchin and McConnell are currently in control of the Senate. Biden is trying very hard to practice bipartisanship but he will soon find out that trying to do that with McConnell is like trying to climb up Mount Everest without a Sherpa guide and no oxygen. 

Is Biden going to let Manchin dictate which Democratic legislation will be advanced and how each will be structured? Will he control the entire agenda? To think that one senator could stop critically important legislation that this country and its people desperately need is mind-boggling. 

Under these conditions, the Voting Rights legislation will not get off the ground. A great many states are passing legislation to suppress the voting rights of black and brown Americans, in particular. If this crucial act is not passed in one way or another Democrats could take a massive beating in the 2022 elections and then in the 2024 presidential election.

The infrastructure program also may go nowhere. The condition of the U.S. infrastructure lags far behind most other developed nations that have extensive subway systems, high-speed rail between cities, and have bullet trains that can attain speeds of 200 mph or more. 

What does the U.S. have? The old, outdated Amtrak system that operates in what might be called “slow motion.”

What about the possibility of putting an end to the filibuster so that legislation can be enacted with only a majority vote? Most Americans think that the filibuster was created by the Founding Fathers. It wasn’t, it was created in the Senate in 1806, supposedly to prevent the majority from dominating the legislative process. It was a terrible creation that replaces majority rule. 

The filibuster is not working and never has but now Manchin insists that it be preserved. What to do? Well, the Democratic leaders need to do everything possible to convince Manchin that this terrible creation has to be canceled. 

They have to emphasize the great importance of the Voting Rights bill, how it could prevent the GOP from establishing an authoritarian government in America. 

Tell him; that he needs to put aside his insistence that bipartisanship must rule in these deliberations. He must do what is right to preserve this democracy and the Constitution.

If he continues to refuse to cooperate then the Democratic leadership must use all the power it has to rectify this situation. One senator cannot be allowed to endanger this country by such an irresponsible position.

Therefore, Schumer and his associates will have to use every tactic and strategy to get Manchin onboard their agenda. 

What Manchin is doing is nothing new, it has been done many times over many years and the party leaders have a large bag of tricks to deal with it. Among them is to look into his closet to see how many skeletons there are, and it’s a good bet that there are quite a few.

In most of the media, we keep hearing how well Biden has been doing so far in his presidency and I applaud him for his excellent handling of the Covid-19 pandemic. I also like a lot of what he has proposed, the stimulus, the infrastructure program, the minim wage, and other needs of the American, But, right now they are all stuck in a rut.

President Biden appears to know exactly the direction he would like to see this country take going into the future. He knows the direction but right now the problem is that he doesn’t seem to know how to get from here to there. 

When will we hear our president tell us how he plans to get all this great legislation underway in a Senate that is filled with McConnell and Manchin roadblocks?


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