Love brings peace

Peace and love are the only answer.


Here are two pages from two different organizations, each trying to create peace.

Palestine Loves Israel

“With the Israel-loves-Iran movement, a communication line in the middle east was opening…

Quickly, other pages appeared, taking the idea and pushing it forward. One of them was Palestine-loves-Israel, founded by Joujou, a Palestinian living in Germany. Inspired by Ronny Edry, Joujou opened a platform of her own,  dealing with an even harder conflict: the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that has lasted for over 60 years now.

Understanding that Peace can only be achieved by understanding the other side, Joujou created Palestine-loves-Israel in order to build a bridge between the two people that have been mistrusting each other for so long. On pages like Palestine-loves-Israel and Israel-loves-Palestine, created by the Israeli Noa, Arabs and Israelis find a platform to really get into conversation with someone from “the other side”.

Soon the pages filled with people from Israel, Palestine and all over the world, getting to know each other. With sharing their stories, talking to each other and discussing the Arab-Israeli conflict, more and more people from both sides became friends during the process.

While some find it hard to say “We love you” to people that they were taught to mistrust and even hate, they still can heal their wounds just by getting to know each other better. On Yom Kippur day, the Jewish day of atonement, we say “sorry” to each other, showing each other that we see each other’s traumas, each other’s pain and each other’s fear.”   

Israel Loves Palestine

It was about a year ago that I started to manage “Israel loves Palestine”. I knew all about “Israel loves Iran” page and I loved the concept, and then I found the “Palestine loves Israel” page and I wondered if “Israel loves Palestine” existed.

The page existed but it was not so active, so I contacted the Administrator that was a Jewish-American, and he told me that he was waiting for an Israeli to come and take the page from him because it should be managed by an Israeli – and so I did.

For one year I am managing “Israel loves Palestine”, during the war with Gaza, during the occupation in the West Bank, during the hate actions from both sides. I am trying as much as I can to combine the reality with creating a new reality, how to use the existing sad facts about our lives in order to change minds. In the past 5 years, I have been practicing yoga and meditation, and those tools guide me in my work, and help me to speak in a common language for all: love and understanding.

I must say that with time there are more and more positive reactions from Israelis and Palestinians on this page and less and less hate.
As I see it, each and every one of us is a part of the whole, and what I am doing is what any one can do: throw a stone into the water in order to create waves.

I have always believed in the “bottom up” power for change, and I am glad to take part in that in my personal life. Since I have started doing that, I met many Palestinian friends, I learned more about their lives, and once that happens you are becoming truly a part of a whole, its no longer about me, or my country, its about people, humans.

WE are all ONE!”   

These are two internet pages, each trying to create love and positive thinking between two peoples who officially spew hatred for one another.  If they could be successful and create love where there is hate, just maybe this could spread to other conflicts and countries as well.  As human beings, we need to become conscious of how bad we have become.  Our tendency to hate one another creates a rigid and awful world.

We see this within the United States – which is anything but “united.”  One country that can have a supposedly cooperative government, but where we have the Trumpists and progressives at each other’s throats every day.  These two clusters cannot even agree on what to do about Israel-Palestine.  They need to force themselves into a room and declare that they shall not emerge until they reach an agreement.

Peace and love are the only answer.


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