Trust our brilliant leaders? Are you joking?

“With what predictably unfolded there, why do we for even a split second trust the knuckleheads in charge of our military and foreign policy to handle anything going forward?”


We are now being treated to a predictable deluge of hand-wringing, grandstanding, virtue signaling, gaslighting, hysteria, pontificating and snide told-you-so commentary, most of it stating the obvious, most of it just repeating what we’ve known all along. Attacking Afghanistan was a big mistake. What a disaster! What an embarrassment! Our arrogant aggression and illegal retaliation against Afghanistan for 911 was WRONG WRONG WRONG! 

Do you somehow feel more enlightened by this bilious bloviating? 

I say: Enough with the smug finger-wagging, the weepy whining, the self-aggrandizing bellowing, the 24/7 autopsy of our disastrous 20 years in Afghanistan! 

Here’s the real question we should be asking ourselves:  With what predictably unfolded there, why do we for even a split second trust the knuckleheads in charge of our military and foreign policy to handle anything going forward? Handle anything at all! 

No question about it, there’s certainly a lot that needs handling. Serious challenges that need the immediate attention of informed, balanced, rational, honest, sane individuals, meaning thoughtful, scrupulous, patient, creative policymakers capable of finding optimal solutions which will avoid unnecessary conflict and serve the greater interests of humankind. 

Instead, we have no choice but to trust power-drunk, delusional, unhinged sociopaths to wrestle with new and ongoing crises. Do you really feel confident that Sleepy Joe, Kamala, our war-obsessed congressional leaders, and the rest of the buffoons in the State Department, Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, CIA, NSA, FBI, and their mouthpieces in the media, can come up with anything sensible? Constructive? Positive? Solutions that will not further discredit our nation and humiliate us as citizens? Push the Doomsday Clock even closer to midnight? Accelerate the march to self-annihilation? 

Here are some examples of what these incompetent fools are confronted with, much of it the result of their own prior and recurrent idiocy.

CRIMEA: Very recently, there was a conference called the Crimea Platform Summit. The premise, shaky at best, is that Russia forcefully annexed Crimea in 2014 and the world cannot allow this kind of thuggery to stand. The fact that in a referendum 95.5% of the people living in Crimea voted for reunification with Russia and that Crimea for most of its history was part of Russia somehow didn’t get mentioned. That Russia itself finds the whole matter non-negotiable was conveniently ignored. Ukraine must prepare for war! Save the 4.5% living under the boot heel of Putin’s tyranny! Mind you, the U.S. is supplying arms to the neo-Nazis now running the country. Gosh . . . it’s almost as if we WANT a war to start there.

POKING THE BEAR: This year has seen substantially more near incursions into Russian territory than last. These are not innocent joy rides but both reconnaissance flights and simulated bombing missions. They represent a dangerous and intimidating probing of Russian border defenses by fighter jets and nuclear bombers, as well as heavily-armed naval vessels, all “testing the defenses” of Russia. This is so brilliant, I’m tempted to find a skeet shooting range, run around with a bulls-eye painted on my chest, yelling “Na na na na na na! Go ahead, you pathetic losers, try to shoot me. Betcha can’t . . . betcha can’t!” 

WAR GAMES: Such aerial and naval provocations go hand-in-hand with massive war games being conducted in countries neighboring Russia, sometimes right up to Russia’s actual borders. There’s no way to characterize these exercises other than preparation for war. If Russia were to be conducting war games in Canada and Mexico, including tens of thousands of troops, artillery, missile launchers, tanks, would the U.S. view it as innocent military exercises just to keep the boys sharp and give them something to do? 

TAIWAN: Moving east — as Obama did with his Pivot to Asia — we have Taiwan. We’re arming them to the teethcruising battleships and aircraft carriers in The Taiwan Strait, the waters between Taiwan and mainland China, violating our own one-China policy, sending vague but portentous signals to Taiwanese separatist leaders that “We’ve got your back.” Is the U.S. seriously going to risk a world war over Taiwan? With insane, China-hating, chest-thumping, deranged exceptionalists pounding the war drums, I guess the question answers itself.

FONOPS SOUTH CHINA SEA: In the same tinderbox theater, under the pretext of freedom of navigation operations — FONOPs — we continue to taunt, dare, bluff, and browbeat China in the South China Seas. It’s arguably legal. So is jumping barefoot on a pile of broken wine bottles in the privacy of my kitchen. That doesn’t mean it’s prudent or in the least productive. It’s increasingly obvious that the U.S. is doing everything it can to militarily provoke China, hoping for an incident which will then be the excuse for launching the “inevitable war”. Military strategists — and with our phenomenal success in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria, we know we know we can trust this brainy bunch — suggest the sooner the better. As time passes, China will be more capable of defending itself. We sure don’t want to screw this up. This is the BIG ONE! Lose to the Chinese? Inconceivable! By the way, Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who I just interviewed for an article that will appear here this week, says that — now pay close attention — every single war game simulation of a major armed conflict with China ends up in a nuclear war!  Need I say more about this insanity?

These are just the “big power” confrontations. The U.S. is of course still in Syria, Iraq, is poised for a war with North Korea and/or Iran, and has special operations — military and CIA personnel with military assets — in countless nations, none of which seems to ever make it into mainstream reporting. We’ve got somewhere around 800 bases of all shapes and sizes, our soldiers in faraway places always on alert and ready for action. 

Let’s be clear. There’s no time out. Things are moving forward. That’s the inevitable trajectory of politics, both domestic and international. Yet the reality is, our record going back seven decades is abysmal! There is nothing positive or constructive to be found. Just countries and battlefields strewn with dead bodies, refugees, depleted uranium, land mines, and rubble.

This is what happens when you have delusional megalomaniacs making critical decisions about our place in the world and our relations with other countries.

We need to flush these war-obsessed, homicidal, demonstrably insane empire-builders out of power.

Let me start the list of people who NEED TO GO. We’re ultimately looking at numbers in the thousands. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR SUGGESTIONS. There are so many incompetent, psychopathic fools in key positions, I’m just one guy and I can’t keep track of them all. Here we go . . .

THE HIT LIST (a work in progress)

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Anthony Blinken, Lloyd Austin, Mark Milley, Victoria Nuland, Jan Psaki, Mitch McConnell, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Cruz, Adam Schiff, Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer, Tom Cotton, Tom O’Halleran, Lou Correa, Jim Costa, Mike Thompson, Charlie Crist, Stephanie Murphy, Sanford Bishop, Carolyn Bourdeaux, David Scott, Ed Case, Brad Schneider, Jared Golden, Josh Gottheimer, Mikie Sherrill, Kurt Schrader, Jim Cooper, Henry Cuellar, Vicente Gonzalez, Abigail Spanberger, Doug Jones, Richard Shelby, Lisa Murkowski, Dan Sullivan, Martha McSally, Kyrsten Sinema, John Boozman, Dianne Feinstein, Michael Bennet, Cory Gardner, Richard Blumenthal, Christopher Murphy, Thomas Carper, Christopher Coons, Marco Rubio, Rick Scott, Kelly Loeffler, David Perdue, Mazie Hirono, Brian Schatz, Mike Crapo, James Risch, Tammy Duckworth, Richard Durbin, Todd Young, Joni Ernst, Chuck Grassley, Jerry Moran, Pat Roberts, Bill Cassidy, Susan Collins, Angus King, Benjamin Cardin, Chris Van Hollen, Gary Peters, Debbie Stabenow, Amy Klobuchar, Tina Smith, Cindy Hyde-Smith, Roger Wicker, Roy Blunt, Josh Hawley, Steve Daines, Jon Tester, Deb Fischer, Ben Sasse, Catherine Cortez Masto, Jacky Rosen, Maggie Hassan, Jeanne Shaheen, Bob Menendez, Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall, Richard Burr, Thom Tillis, Kevin Cramer, John Hoeven, Rob Portman, Jim Inhofe, James Lankford, Bob Casey, Pat Toomey, John Reed, Sheldon Whitehouse, Lindsey Graham, Tim Scott, Mike Rounds, John Thune, Lamar Alexander, Marsha Blackburn, John Cornyn, Tim Kaine, Mark Warner, Maria Cantwell, Mitt Romney, Patty Murray,Shelley Capito, Tammy Baldwin, Ron Johnson, John Barrasso, Michael Enzi, John Kirby

Then there are the mutant VIPs without current official appointments, who run amok spreading propaganda, promoting their deviant, deranged world view, and infecting others with their toxic agenda, while they wait for their next cushy government assignment. Do we let confirmed, unrepentant, unrehabilitated murderers, terrorists and rapists run around free? Some people are simply too dangerous to mix with decent human beings . . .

THE LOCK UP LIST (Guantanamo? Where do they keep people pending trial or a lobotomy?)

Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Nikki Haley, Samantha Power, Susan Rice, Donald Trump, Frank McKenzie, Arne Duncan, Wesley Clark, Michael McFaul, Robert Kagan, Jared Kushner, Steve Bannon

Then there are scores of individuals who are a mixed bag, may or may not have committed prosecutable crimes, certainly have done their share of lying and flip-flopping, perhaps have done some good but also did a lot of damage, and are always capable of building on their past failures to inflict greater setbacks to the common good. Frighteningly, many of them still have the public completely fooled. This could be a very long list! But it won’t be. I’m exhausted. And if I continue I’ll become suicidal.

HONORARY MENTION LOCK UP LIST (We’re keeping an eye on you!)

Barack Obama, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, John Kerry, Liz Cheney, AOC, The Squad, George W Bush, Condoleezza Rice, Henry Kissinger, Dick Cheney, Jake Sullivan, Sidney Blumenthal, James Clapper, John Brennan, James Comey, Neera Tanden, Paul Krugman, Michael Hayden, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Bill Kristol, Bill Maher, Glenn Beck

Listen, folks. I know these lists are woefully incomplete. But I did my best on short notice. Now I’m counting on YOUR HELP! That’s why we have a comments section below. GO FOR IT!


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