Trump planning to run in 2024? From his jail cell?

This guy is a political crook that has been allowed to run free—so far.


This national media is something else. Each day I watch some TV host talking about Trump running in 2024 but I rarely, if ever, hear that the various investigations in New York, Georgia, and elsewhere could indict him and ruin his great plans. That’s really poor journalism.

We constantly hear these reports in which Trump “indicates that he will run in 2024”, “he is almost certain to run”, “he’s having rallies where his supporters are ecstatic about him going for a second term in 2024.” And on and on, it never stops.

Don’t the managements at CNN, and MSNBC, and other left-leaning channels understand that, by giving him such extensive TV exposure day in and day out, that they are helping him to maintain and even increase his base of supporters? 

Sure, they are also saying many negative things about him but it doesn’t matter because, when his supporters hear any of this criticism, they ignore it and just listen to what he says.

The more they see him and what he says the more excited they get. Trump, when he left office, could have faded into the sunset, but this media helped him greatly to come back into the limelight. 

Don’t they understand what he will do if elected once again? He will do what he did before but even more unlawful; interfering with the work of the FBI, the CIA, and other important agencies, essentially neutering them. In short, he will do everything he can to tear down the foundations of our Democracy as he installs his autocracy.

Trump will be saying bye, bye democracy, hello autocracy. He wants a government in which he is the sole authority, one in which his agenda will be the only one, where he will control all legislation, make all the rules and laws, and be the head of the Supreme Court. He will be today’s version of Big Brother of 1984.

Don’t they understand what will happen to them and their freedom of expression under the rule of an autocracy? One of the first things such a government like that does is convert the media from independent journalism to its personal mouthpiece. The media as we know it will be no more.

It’s all about ratings, they want to attract Republican viewers more than they want to get rid of Trump. It’s all about the bottom line.

How can the media justify giving Trump all this help when he has bent or broken a myriad of rules and laws when he has been guilty of obstruction in so many ways? This guy is a political crook that has been allowed to run free—so far.

His claims of a stolen election, talk about a hoax? This media picks up every word he utters about the stolen election, and by doing this they are giving that contention credibility.

He interfered with and obstructed the Mueller investigation, he used executive privilege to block congressional subpoenas time and again. And he got away with all these underhanded tactics. 

What in the world is happening with the Trump investigations in New York and Georgia?? I know these investigations are complicated and take time, but these two have been going on for quite a while. Do those conducting them realize that time is of the essence? They never indicate where they may be in the process and that’s troubling.

Are they afraid to convict him and send him to prison, maybe for the rest of his life? When they see how he is preparing to run again in 2024 doesn’t that motivate them to ramp up their investigations to stop him in his tracks? Sure they brought fraud charges against the Trump organization and its CFO Allen Weisselberg for tax crimes, but that is nothing.

 Are they afraid of him and the power he still possesses? To send a US President to prison would be a monumental act and you can bet that these investigators are giving that some very deep thought. Will they do what is right or will they simply let their investigation just fade away?

We know that millions of Trump supporters are hoping against hope that their savior will run for the presidency, once again, in 2024. They want this so badly, it means so very much to them, and they would do anything to make it happen.

Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen. Before long we will see Trump indicted, then convicted for his civil and criminal crimes, and then sentenced to prison. So, when his supporters think of him running in 2024 they will be shocked when they realize that he won’t be able to do that from a jail cell. 

The last and most important thing we have to do is to find appropriate accommodations for Mr. Trump as he changes his main residence to something that fits his true nature and the things he has “accomplished.”

Where should he go? There is Rikers Island in New York City, the Greene County Jail in Catskill, the Dutchess County Jail in Poughkeepsie, the Buffalo area’s Erie County Holding Center, and Correctional Facility, and the Syracuse area’s Onondaga County Justice Center and Penitentiary. I would vote for Riker’s Island but let’s be kind and give Trump his choice. He’ll appreciate that.

But, wait a minute, I forgot to mention that these five prisons are the worst in all of New York state.


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