The ludicrous absurdity of a desperately absurd Trump

Will this appalling buffoon/ Just conceive “I am immune?”


Note: Tinkerbell is the feisty, air-borne pixie who serves Peter Pan in the fantasy story, urging children to just believe and clap hands in order to save her.

In the productions of The Music Man, “Professor” Harold Hill is the fraudster who poses as a boys’ band leader, conning naive Iowans into buying instruments and uniforms. Harold explains his fake music education: “You don’t have to bother with the notes” because his “think system” (while humming the tune) is all needed to learn to play.

Who dreamt this vilest cynic
Would dare this vilest gimmick,
And pilot his own shipwreck
Hawking the Tinkerbell effect?

All Trump needs is fake belief
And clap his hands for relief—
No pixie dies on his watch,
Just maybe grabbed by the crotch.

What a load of utter crap,
What morons buy this claptrap? 
Only dim but nervy sharks
Could find equally dim marks.

Endless fools these mortals be—
Suckers dumber than a flea.
He who scorned all legal threats
Caught by his own manifests.

If Dumpster faces legal hell
Will he pull a Tinkerbell?
Will this appalling buffoon 
Just conceive “I am immune”?

Consider the priceless con,
“Imagine freedom” and be gone;
Forget mammoth bars of steel
Beat any rap or phony deal.

What laughable dirty tricks!
What a blow to politics!
What a violation of reason!
What intellectual treason!

For this deplorable fiction,
This worm deserves conviction;
Is there an original sin
More worthy of the loony bin?

Jaws drop and minds do reel,
Worse by far than stop the steal;
And this joker was president?
Sufferance spells more torment. 


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