Election denial like a Nile crocodile

Will Trumpers “make ‘merica great”/ By bashing what voters legitimate?

Image Credit: PBS

Do mock feints from a crocodile
Not conjure right-wing denial?
When terrified by open threat,
The gaping croc guffaws upset.

With giant maw this predator 
Pretends to scare the competitor,
Unlike when hunting, sneaky fast,
Seizing its prey, rightly aghast.

Thus vote deniers flush with fear
Against fair counts they mutineer;
Defying races are zero sums—
It only counts when THEY score runs?

Malarky needs smoke and mirrors, 
Mere witless yaps from interferers. 
Fixing minority status,
They bluster empty afflatus.

If only “lost” finals are corrupt,
Does not “winning” likewise disrupt?
Monumental contradiction:
The also-rans get crucifixion.

If decisions bristle with fraud,
Why no facts, no guilty outlaw?
A void of proof, before or after,
Incites only fall-down laughter.

If Trumpsters in fact had balls,
They’d run from counterfeit stalls;
If they mastered contradictions,
They’d flee all transparent fictions.

Do not cry babies alibi defeat,
When judged unelectable dead meat?
Will Trumpers “make ‘merica great”
By bashing what voters legitimate?

Bad faith whiners abuse elections.
Fouling majority convictions;
Dirty cheats are double losers:
Bona fide losers and abusers.


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