Who follows loser Trump? Can yapping yahoos cohere after endless havoc?

Great crises loom for party backers –/ Who corrals berserk bushwhackers?

Image Credit: LA Progressive

Rethugs rip each other to shreds,
Exposing delinquent dunderheads;
Great crises loom for party backers— 
Who corrals berserk bushwhackers?

What winning political party, 
Faking it as hale and hearty—
Refuses to grow credible leaders
Shrewder than self-mocking tweeters?

What real, electable president
Succeeds by fouling his own tent?
What majority would back leaders
Cut down by envious interceders? 

Barely convicted, Trump’s a loser,
Foul-mouthed, inveterate abuser.
Will hugging insurgent outlaws
Waylay a slew of legal chainsaws?

And when convictions confirm abuses,
No DeSantis fills Trump’s loathsome shoes.
With lightning speed come doltish stumbles,
A Florida storm of unforced fumbles.

Nominate any right-wing candidates 
Who can commandeer enough states.
Will Haley, Pence, or the dismal bench
Avoid the crunch of the Biden mensch?

So when top leaders are disgraced, 
What second-stringer takes their place?
What side-lined buffoon’s leverage
Conquers the Electoral College?

Can any real-world prospect boast, 
“I will dominate coast to coast?”  
What minority’s self-whittled size
Ever won the grand White House prize? 


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