Vanishing clinics: The stark reality of abortion access in post-Dobbs America

The closure of 65 independent reproductive care clinics since June 2022 leaves 14 states entirely without abortion clinics.

Image Credit: Sarah Rogers/The Daily Beast

In the wake of the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization decision, a disquieting reality has emerged in the United States. A recent report from the Abortion Care Network (ACN) reveals a distressing landscape: the closure of 65 independent reproductive care clinics since June 2022, leaving 14 states entirely without abortion clinics.

Impact of Roe v. Wade overturn and subsequent bans

The ACN’s report sheds light on the disproportionate impact of the Supreme Court’s decision and the ensuing state-level abortion bans on independent clinics. Since 2018, a staggering 139 independent abortion clinics have shut down, with the majority occurring in the aftermath of the Dobbs ruling. These closures mark a critical blow to abortion access, particularly in states that have aggressively pursued anti-abortion legislation.

State-level responses and restrictions

The landscape of abortion access has drastically shifted, with 2023 witnessing the enactment of 53 laws further restricting abortion. While some states have moved to ban abortions outright, others have introduced medically unnecessary restrictions, both of which have created insurmountable barriers for many clinics, forcing them to cease operations.

Geographical disparities and voter opposition

The closures are predominantly concentrated in the Midwest and South, regions where conservative legislatures have been most active in restricting abortion access. However, voter response in some of these states suggests a disconnect between legislative actions and public opinion. In a notable instance, Kansas voters overwhelmingly rejected a state constitutional amendment to remove abortion protections, defying the state’s Republican majority.

Community response and activism

In the face of these closures, a coalition of community members, activists, researchers, and policy experts are rallying to ensure that abortion access remains available. Their efforts focus on keeping clinics open and reversing the tide of harmful bans, a testament to the resilience and determination of those fighting for reproductive rights.


The current situation paints a somber picture of abortion access in the U.S. The closure of clinics in 14 states not only reflects the tangible impact of the Dobbs decision but also underscores the ongoing battle for reproductive rights. As the nation grapples with these unprecedented challenges, the need for sustained activism and policy reform has never been more critical. The fight to ensure access to safe and legal abortion continues, with the hope that someday, every individual in need will have the support and resources they require.


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