Could ‘sneaky, conniving’ Democrats help pump ‘Trump the Dictator’ surges after setbacks? 

For now, it’s grin and bear it time, enduring one more round of crazed Trumpism until the zombie is declared dead and buried.


First “rig-the-election” ploy—fuel the havoc to nominate the most scandalized candidate ever

Only hardcore Trumpers would deny the Criminal-in-chief stands out as the most reckless, vulnerable, insurrectionist-prone of the major GOP candidates. Trump boasts more revealing baggage than a crashed 747. And without strategy or discipline to inhibit more wounding general-election ploys. That fulfills the pigheaded, right-wing syndrome since 2016: bang the extremist primary drum, in the process dooming general election chances. Even right-wing senators marvel at Trump’s zombie return from the dead after Jan 6 when the Insurrectionist-in-chief exposed his dark seditious heart. Remember that zombies eventually do themselves in—or get staked through the heart. Except for mortified Santos, I can’t recall one getting elected. 

That every normal setback, legal or political, only buoys Trump visibility—a sword that cuts both ways—makes one wonder if Trumpers aren’t rigging the polling, as they do fake election fraud delusions. Premature polls aside, Trump is squandering his 2024 chances, as he did when blowing his 2020 incumbency. His disapproval numbers only reinforce that he’s never won a popular election. Thus, hordes of Democrats, like the Biden White House, deem Trump both most despicable and thus most likely to lose, even without looming, humiliating trials on tap. 

Then imagine the explosive conspiracy nitwittery—behold the world’s worst victim ever, “martyred” by one and all. Knee-jerk narcissists can’t take No for an answer. I only wish establishment Dems were half as ruthless as the unsinkable Big Lies presume. Hell, I wonder how many independents (or Democrats) mislead pollsters about the Loser-in-chief—to juice up the drama, get Biden in gear, and kick the ever-arrogant Trump into new, bizarro stratospheres. Even the woeful DeSantis had to lie that state disqualification noise was a conspiracy to assure Trump’s nomination. Gosh, a second, deluded, professional victim of  his own party dissenters.  

Just what Trump lacks: Conceit

Won’t then an overconfident “genius” incapable of error broadcast more stunning totalitarian threats, sensible only by Trumpian logic? What’s next—Jim Crow election thresholds that privilege red MAGA hats, pitchforks and hang-the-VP war cries? How about pushing another “lost cause” secession, pandering to marks seeking a know-nothing, expertise-denying “dictator” atop the Trump States of America? For the Donald-praised militant whites, why not reinvent slavery conditions for troublesome, “inferior blood lines” tainting the superior MAGA way?

With non-stop verbosity, Trump has taken bad form, bad faith and bad campaigning to extremes, touting himself as Dictator-for-a-Day. That augments his evil fantasies as the Retributionist-in-chief, punishing “vermin” foes, the voice for appalling, racist Eugenics (white blood being “more equal than others”), and as generalissimo itching to invade Mexico, cage immigrants, and storm Democratic strongholds. Sure, why not then corrupt federalism as his private gestapo? Screw the Constitution: instead, Trump ‘s nightmare vision of “morning in America.”

More “perfect” calls from an outlaw with only contempt for the 14th amendment, courts, and justice. Even this Never Ever Trumper was stunned to hear his latest craziness—the off-the-wall demand that ex-supporters, making a “killing” off of his name, owe him half their profits. “It’s my f—king money,” he said to an October Rolling Stone source, though only in Trump’s alternative, made-up universe run by self-serving laws. Right, what we need is a Trump Excise Tax to reimburse his dwindling legal cache by anyone who ever uses his name or refers to his presidency. Vanity in free fall: what dollar anywhere isn’t “Trump money”? What, only half?!

While the odiferous Trump thus stinks up his general election clout, especially with centrists, is not his party of fire-throwing, law-scorning low-lives in equal suicidal mode? Except perhaps for Nikki Haley, what GOP candidate could still run a competitive national race? And Haley just imploded with ludicrous, MAGA pandering on causes of the Civil War (slavery? what slavery?), worsened by promising Trump pardons, then not ruling out being his V.P. Mayhem galore without one appealing party program, just more garish, MAGA crash and burn politics.

Amidst this media disruption, I take a contrarian view on disqualifying Trump—but not on legal or Constitutional grounds (surely the insurrectionist prize winner). The Supreme Court likely reverses (for wrong reasons), yet I welcome the mortifying exposure of just how far loony, authoritarian-seized voters will go to betray the values and history that HAVE made America great. America has yet to resolve (let alone put down) how seditious Trumpism wants to radically distort this diverse, immigrant-driven, former beacon of democratic justice. 

The “conspiracy” to get Trump nominated?

Overall, Trump and Republicans are doing their damnedest to offend the 10% of all-important, mushy undecideds, but can’t do it alone. Did Dems join the Republican disqualification gambit to help assure a Trump nomination? That would go along with “fake” indictments of a total innocent DT “robbed blind” by invisible forces so clever not to leave a stitch of proof. The sweeping conspiracy to lift Trump is so widespread even Haley claimed her muffed Civil War query was a Democratic plant. Even if so, what mediocrity could not sidestep dumb word salad, instead bloviating with feel-good togetherness about the war’s finale confirming the union?

Added to whatever folks foster a Trump pick, tens of millions who can’t stand Trump or Trumpism also see him as a pathetic (bad) loser. A notable majority (especially suburban women, minorities, thousands abused by Trumpism, plus addicts of democracy) are more than fed up with the GOP record: abortion bans, inadequate health care, white racism, armed extremists, anti-election rioters, mass shootings, crumbling infrastructure and climate disasters. Trump can’t alone commit political suicide—he needs suckered masses (and another rout) to assure he goes down in flames, the ultimate “victim” of majority rule. Whatever, Trump will go whining to his grave, especially if his ill-gotten retirement assets are badly shredded, like Rudy’s. Think of it. OMG.

Trump’s Dictator-for-a-day—the great disqualification

As Trump excesses worry his ardent advisers, the Biden White House must be licking its incumbent lips. Imagine campaigning against a self-admitted, rampaging dictator scornful of minorities and a nation of immigrants who wants retribution against poor Mexico (maybe with Russians in tow)? Right, Mr. Vengeance, whose idea of the Merry Christmas spirit is for critics to “rot in hell”? For every backwater Trumper hornswaggles to vote, two centrists will reject a replay of WWII—battling fascism, racism, and crude dreams of cultural domination. 

However unpopular is Biden, this old guy clearly trumped the nearly as old Trump. Biden has an appealing record (once promoted), he is not Hillary (a more hawkish, baggage-laden woman weak at campaigning), his scandal quotient is low (like Obama’s), and with notable, people-helping economic wins. While his persona and age underwhelm, he’s Mr. Predictable—and, all else being equal (which won’t be, Biden will raise billions), history shows that reliable, steady incumbents with good economies are re-elected. A billion+ dollars (against a very besmirched foe) buys a lot of undecided votes. 

Now, if the Rethugs had a legitimate national candidate, with a bit of charisma, judgment, savvy, real achievements, deliverable policy promises, and no felony indictments (or convictions), they’d be far more dangerous. For now, it’s grin and bear it time, enduring one more round of crazed Trumpism until the zombie is declared dead and buried. Unless things radically change, pigs may indeed fly before Trump elbows aside this Democratic incumbent. And yet, and yet, no one can anticipate all the curves reality can throw. So far, so good—the Dems look to secure their opponent of choice—and that amps up party chances across the boards. 


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