Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Cassandra Roxburgh

Cassandra Roxburgh is a journalist covering LGBTQ issues and climate rights. She left academia after completing her masters thesis on corporate human rights diligence to pursue a career as a freelance writer. She can often be found yelling enthusiastically about her favorite punk band or the latest speculative fiction novel to capture her attention. She is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and speaks English and Afrikaans. She can be reached via Twitter or LinkedIn.


11th Commandment from Jesus at the Super Bowl: “Thou shall have no other brands...

Right now, second only to Trump and his farcical election deniers, are there any greater hypocrites in the world than extremist American fundamentalists?

In New York Times op-ed, US physician blasts ‘lucrative system of for-profit medicine’

"Doctors' sense of our complicity in putting profits over people has grown more difficult to ignore."

Behold, the new GOP culture wars

The Republican Party’s latest wave of attacks against anyone who threatens the white supremacist patriarchy is couched in false concern for health and well-being.

How worker ownership builds community wealth and a more just society

Community wealth building initiatives are taking hold in cities across the world, strengthening worker pay, local economies and democracy.

54% of new electric-generating capacity in U.S. will be solar in 2023, EIA says

Texas will be home to the highest amount of new solar capacity at 7.7 gigawatts, followed by California at 4.2 gigawatts.