Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Claire Asher

Claire has been working as a freelance science writer for over 6 years and her writing has appeared in New Scientist, BBC Future, Nature, Science, and The Scientist, among others. Her main interests are in ecology, conservation, animal behaviour and evolution, and she has written extensively for Mongabay about deforestation and land-use change in the Brazilian Amazon and Cerrado.


Biden wielding DNC to guard against Progressive challenge

"Just 34 percent of Americans describe Biden as honest and trustworthy -- a new low for his presidency."

Four dark secrets about America

What America needs is a thorough transformation and a reset of the economic and political systems, which are now on dangerous and unsustainable paths.

Scientists create biodegradable plastic using solar energy

The team’s success in using solar energy to synthesize fumaric acid shows promise in using artificial photosynthesis in the future.

Must larceny always overpower honesty?

In deeply unequal societies, the thieving always thrive.

Sanders backs renewed push for ban on Dark Money in democratic primaries

"If Democrats really believe in democracy and campaign finance reform, we must ban super PACs in primaries," said Sen. Bernie Sanders.