Monday, June 14, 2021

Elizabeth Ransom and E. Melanie DuPuis and Michelle R. Woros

Elizabeth Ransom is an Associate Professor of International Affairs & Senior Research Associate Rock Ethics Institute, Pennsylvania State University. E. Melanie DuPuis is a Professor and Chair, Environmental Studies and Science, Pace University. Michelle R. Worosz is a Professor of Rural Sociology, Auburn University.


Chicago cop arrested for storming Capitol building

The charges against Officer Karol Chwiesiuk each carry up to a year in prison if convicted.

Why the Second Amendment protects a ‘well-regulated militia’ but not a private citizen militia

The California case raises troubling questions about the meaning and proper role of “militias” under the Second Amendment.

Four dark secrets about America

What America needs is a thorough transformation and a reset of the economic and political systems, which are now on dangerous and unsustainable paths.

How democrats and progressives undermined the potential of the Biden-Putin summit

Progressives went along with Democratic Party leaders and corporate liberal media as they fueled the momentum toward a nuclear doomsday.

The big threat of fences across the West

The American West contains 620,000 miles of fencing, threatening the migration of pronghorn, mule deer and other species.