Monday, February 17, 2020

James McDougall, Erin O'Halloran, Hussein Ahmed Hussein Omar, and Peter Hill

James McDougall is an Associate Professor of Modern History, University of Oxford Erin O'Halloran is a DPhil Candidate, Global & Imperial History, University of Oxford Hussein Ahmed Hussein Omar is a Junior Research Fellow, History of the modern Middle East and North Africa, University of Oxford Peter Hill is a Junior Research Fellow in Oriental Studies, University of Oxford


Sander’s monumental mistake: failing to explain exactly what a democratic socialist government is

It’s time that Sanders speaks out, explains what democratic socialism is and reminds Americans that it is a central part of this country, and that’s why he espouses that political ideology.

Former State Dept employee sentenced to 7 years in prison for accepting bribes

“This is a tragedy for you, for your family, for the government."

‘There needs to be accountability,’ says Ocasio-Cortez as documents show DNC involvement with Iowa...

"If this reporting is correct, then there needs to be accountability at the DNC."

Video reveals mother of 5 starving to death in jail cell

"...since this incident, our employees have received comprehensive training in crisis intervention.”

Driving the Trump rampage: Making the unacceptable acceptable

In Trump's crooked model, only total power allows an autocrat to achieve the highest goal: make what was before unacceptable seem acceptable, staunch public resistance by damned.