Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Juliana Broad

Juliana Broad is a writer and researcher who works on issues related to labor, science, and democracy. With the Center for Media and Democracy, she focuses on the corporate interest groups coordinating attacks on workers’ rights, campaign finance transparency, and access to reproductive healthcare, among other issues. She has also worked with unions as a labor organizer and strategic researcher in a variety of sectors, including higher education, healthcare, and property services. She earned a master’s degree in the history and philosophy of science at the University of Cambridge as a Gates Scholar. Her scholarship has been published in or is forthcoming from the peer-reviewed journals History of the Human Sciences, Medical History, and History of Science.


AOC condemns $20 million bribe in Michigan’s political landscape as a stark indicator of...

A political development involving U.S. Senate candidate Hill Harper and U.S. Representative Rashida Tlaib, has cast a stark light on what many progressive lawmakers see as the corrupting influence of money in American politics.

Right-wing mayhem regorges Social Darwinism, poster child for scandalous, authoritarian bunk

History does not repeat, but in this case it emphatically rhymes. With Trumpist war cries for his New Nazism, we cannot avoid the obvious parallels.

COP28 president caught in oil lobbying scandal: Secretly pushes fossil fuel agenda amidst climate...

This conflict of interest, uncovered through an investigation by the Center for Climate Reporting (CCR), raises serious questions about the integrity of the UN climate summit leadership.

Is it time (once again) for nonviolent rebellion?

How to end dreams of revenge in Israel, Palestine, and elsewhere?

Exposed: Saudi Arabia’s secret plan to fuel fossil dependency in Africa and Asia

The investigation discovered that this extensive plan involves not only the deployment of fleets of petrol and diesel-fueled vehicles, but also a calculated move to lobby against subsidies for electric vehicles across the globe.