Friday, February 3, 2023

Ted McDermott

Ted McDermott is the author of the novel The Minor Outsider and a freelance writer in Spokane, Washington. His fiction and nonfiction have appeared in VICE, The Believer, The Portland Review, The Minus Times, and elsewhere. In 2009, he was nominated for the Essay Prize. He has worked as a reporter and editor at newspapers in Montana and Washington. He can be reached at


Can the Military-Industrial Complex be tamed?

Cutting the Pentagon's budget in half would finally force the generals to think.

A school choice nightmare: Families getting government funding to switch from public to private...

The harrowing story of a Maine family shows the potential perils families face when they transfer to privately run schools that are less subject to government oversight.

GOP readies ‘shameful’ vote to oust Omar from House Committee

"The GOP is riddled with white nationalists and antisemites. It is infuriating and absurd that they are trying to distract from the bigoted hatred in their own party by attacking a progressive woman of color."

The interminable, withering babble from today’s Tower of Babel

When the end is messianic, imperial, “destiny” or God’s will—human fabrications made into commandments—all civilized bets are off.

City trees save lives, first-of-its-kind study finds

Planting trees has additional benefits for communities beyond keeping cities cool, such as reducing air pollution and boosting mental health.