Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Election annulment please

Russia hacked and attacked our 2016 presidential election and installed Donald Trump. This requires annulment. Trump didn’t even come...

A pandemic of fallacious thinking and civic irresponsibility: Part two – A psychological analysis

The Virus is a big deal, Period! It’s one of the worst calamities to strike in modern times.

Bad Karma… Always Karma

As our citizens are dying for lack of proper care, and ditto our economy, the Bad Karma keeps on rolling along. Time for the mega millions of us to start taking control of the conversation and create some Good Karma.

Coming to terms with the abortion conflict and other matters

The point here is that we can and should discuss issues such as these openly and respectfully.

America: Lost with no moral compass

In 2014 a story broke about a high school football team hazing syndrome that regressed into sexual assaults by upperclassmen upon freshman...

Rethinking reparations

Aaron Campbell was young, black, unarmed, and suffered from mental illness, exacerbated by his brother’s death that day from kidney failure. He was...

Philosophy group discussion

Today in San Miguel de Allende we had our usual Philosophy Group meeting.  This time we listened to the words of Allan...

The socially responsible tech company: Can big tech be fixed?

having a diverse leadership serves the leaders and members of an organization as much as it does its users.

How has Covid-19 affected our day-to-day behaviors?

Coronavirus culture has forever changed our social and economic behaviors, and even had a permanent impact on our psyche.

Is US presidential candidate Joe Biden a war criminal?

Joe Biden had supported the Iraq War of 2003. But no one knows why he is running away from the truth.