Thursday, August 22, 2019

The Fempire strikes back

If serial sexual predation disqualifies a man from several high profile jobs, in politics and media, why shouldn’t it disqualify a man from being president of the United States?

Cecile Richards: Mike Pence is “orchestra master” of assault on women’s rights under Trump

The first year of President Trump’s administration may be the worst year for women of any administration in United States history.

SLAPP lawsuits: The biggest threat to the resistance you never heard of

Wealthy corporations must know they can’t SLAPP the public into silence.

Incentive for terrorism: America has taken nearly 70% of the world’s wealth gains since...

Young lives are put at risk to ensure that a few thousand American households are free to take most of the wealth. 

Net neutrality

The biggest loser would be the internet itself, which would be made to surrender its determinedly democratic ethic to the plutocratic rule of corporate profiteers.

Pocahontas is an inspiration, not a racial slur

If Trump were a reader of history, he might know that calling someone “Pocahontas” is actually a compliment, not an insult.

Houston neighbors said no to Walmart and invested in Black-owned businesses after the hurricane

Communities of color turned to each other to make it through the disaster. Months later, they’re doing the same to rebuild.

The battle for hearts and minds: RT, WikiLeaks and net neutrality

The ongoing battle to maintain net neutrality is perhaps the most important free speech issue facing the United States, if not the West as a whole.

Why your support is critical to NationofChange and the health of our democracy

The science is in: If we want to foster a healthy democracy with robust conversations about national policy, we need to continue to support independent news outlets like NationofChange.

How internet co-ops can protect us from net neutrality rollbacks

Smaller internet service providers offer alternatives and could disrupt the monopolies.