Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Fox News’ Presidential Debate Moderator: “It’s Not My Job to be a Truth Squad”

Wallace says he is “proud to be a representative of Fox” and believes his selection will help fight the belief that Fox is a “right-wing network” that “favors Republicans.”

Santa Clara Police Union Threatens To Boycott 49ers Games Due To Kaepernick’s Protest

There has been extensive national debates over Kaepernick’s actions in the past week, and the quarterback has been working to get the conversation back on track.

The New York Times’ False Foreign Policy Narratives

Fortunately, there are those -- who receive very little high-profile media ink -- that challenge the purpose and priorities of our twinned economic and physical wars. But they deserve allies in media – who don’t just seek to promote the lesser evil – but a world worthy of our humanity and of our potential.

The Intellectuals We Abandon

"One of the many cruelties of corporate capitalism is that it has abandoned the poor and, among them, the gifted intellectuals I teach."

A New Economic Vision That Mixes Together Occupy, Amish Culture, and Startups

What subcultures offer us insight and principles for new ways of organizing?

Main Street Shopping and the Internet

Is the internet going to take it all when it comes to retail?

Pay For Play? The Scandal Is Judicial Watch Misleading Gullible Media

Perhaps it is time for someone in the media to investigate its conduct.

How Consumer Culture Is Killing Citizenship

We live in a society where market values spread without limit, in which we are branding and selling ourselves along with everything else, including public office. How do we stop it?

Is Trump-Bashing Good for the Media?

It seems that a candidate whose words and deeds are so far beyond the pale have finally awoken the press to the truth-squadding that is its job.

Democracy in America Is a Useful Fiction

The civic, patriotic and political language we use to describe ourselves remains unchanged. But the America we celebrate is an illusion.