Saturday, August 24, 2019

Fox & Friends attacks public schools for teaching climate change and LGBTQ issues

Pete Hegseth: Parents “don't understand that even our public schools today ... have an agenda”

Los Angeles changes Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day

“This gesture of replacing Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples Day is a very small step in apologizing and in making amends.”

How Exxon used the New York Times to make you question climate science

These oil companies were not as naive or uncertain as they long pretended to be.

Media’s biased reporting on China serves only the rich and powerful

The media’s neglect in this area serves the interests of the rich and powerful. It is not responsible reporting.

The virtues of tearing down statues depends on where they are standing

Remembering history's good; celebrating it, not so much

5 things the mainstream media missed about Charlottesville

We can’t ignore the long history of white supremacist violence – and anti-fascist organizing.

Response to Nation article on single payer: Improved medicare for all is the solution

Throughout time, every great social movement has been told that it was asking for too much.

Family life without fossil fuels – slow and satisfying

A visit to the Possibility Alliance reminded me also that the one constant of life is change.

Intro to Islam, Salafism and jihadism

Can we turn the clock back and make the Muslim world great again?

Five lies that are ricocheting infinitely within the right-wing media bubble

Her are five examples of absolute lies promoted by right-wing media figures that will infinitely bounce among right-wing audiences trapped under the bubble.