Friday, February 21, 2020

No accountability: How the civil justice system fails Black Americans killed by police

Having escaped criminal punishment, police officers who shoot and kill Black Americans are often not held to account by the civil justice system either.

2018 update: More evidence that half of Americans are in or near poverty

By any rational definition of poverty, half of our country's households are dealing with it.

How grassroots activists made peace with North Korea possible

The leaders of North and South Korea are meeting in Pyongyang this week to discuss the possibility of a peace treaty to end the decades-long conflict dividing the Korean Peninsula.

Noam Chomsky: With Trump election, we are now facing threats to the survival of...

“The threats and dangers are very real.”

Exclusive: Ex-Harvey Weinstein employee breaks silence on her memo that helped take down movie...

Lauren O’Connor was a literary scout at the Weinstein Company who worked closely with Weinstein. In 2015, she penned an internal memo about her boss that would later become famous.

World Bank ramps up investments to fight climate crisis

"Climate change is an existential threat to the world's poorest and most vulnerable. These new targets demonstrate how seriously we are taking this issue, investing and mobilizing $200 billion over five years to combat climate change."

200 artists work in shifts for liberty in the Hong Kong protests

The art functions to inspire, unify and empower, and often uses humor to offer light relief to the exhausted, sometimes shaken, but fiercely resolute students.

Chomsky: Nuclear weapons, climate change & the undermining of democracy threaten future of planet

Noam Chomsky looks at how the threat of nuclear war remains one of the most pressing issues facing mankind.

How LOW Can You Go?

There has been an epidemic throughout our nation that is more deadly than any flu or opioid addiction. Simply said it is this low brow culture that has inculcated all walks of life.

Bill O’Reilly admits he falsely assumed an accused cop killer in California was an...

O'Reilly: “Turns out he's not an illegal alien, Eboni, alright?”