Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Kamala Harris and the legacy of black women running for president

Shirley Chisholm and other Black women have set their eyes on the Oval Office for 50 years. Now it’s within reach.

Forget the white sheets…put on your brown shirts!!

As much as we on the Left say that voting is not the answer, this time it IS!!

Retail giants gear up for Black Friday — and political giving

Compared to last year, major big-box chains are spending less this year in direct contributions and domestic lobbying.

Our rights and our duties

Our rights should be restated, so the rights of any citizen shall be the rights of all citizens.

Net Neutrality, Back by Popular Demand

During the past two decades, as the Internet flourished and transformed our society, several major corporations have assumed dominant “gatekeeper” positions, threatening net neutrality. We must protect net neutrality.

Washington Post Reporter Remains Held in Iranian Prison for a Year

While the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) and the U.S. State Department have called for his immediate release, Jason Rezaian remains detained in an Iranian prison. His fate resides in the hands of an infamous judge known for committing human rights abuses.

‘Epic Fail:’ Feminism and Ecological Crises

It seems homo sapiens’ domination of Earth is coming to an end as the result of today’s processes of resource extraction and waste generation. What can we do to change this trajectory, and is this conversation unavoidable?

Job growth remains slow in September, but unemployment rate falls to 3.5 percent

Manufacturing employment hit a record low as a share of private sector employment.

Coronavirus reminds you of death – and amplifies your core values, both bad and...

Recognizing that the coronavirus poses the same existential threat for all of us helps underscore that humanity is a group we all belong to.

“Mr. Vice President, I am speaking”: A culture of interruption

As evident by the debates so far, setting rules in advance is not enough. We also need to make sure that breaking those rules is not rewarded.