Monday, November 30, 2020

Ceasar: Grief and challenge

The intersection of guns, drugs, poverty, scant education, substandard health care, high unemployment, and corruption are literally producing conditions that invariably redound the hardest and worst on young people of color.

How do we cover Iran better in the news? Include more Iranians

“Without an Iranian to parse out information—who truly understands that identity—the American consumer is not getting the story. And their opinions and voting habits will be swayed in a direction that is misinformed.”

Do our lives matter?

In a perfect society, I think that what people earn should depend solely upon the effort they put into their job.

Inspiring student in France creates environmental app to motivate others to make a difference...

"At the end of the day I know that I've done something good on this day for the planet."

A culture shift can only happen with reparations and truth telling

The future is upon us, but it must be one that we can choose and see ourselves in. This requires a local, national, and global effort.

Media owned by wealthy are quick to tell you wealth taxes are a bad...

America’s super-rich (who have seen their fortunes surge since the beginning of lockdown) are getting nervous.

How do you celebrate a flawed nation?

To love America is to love the movements that have fought for centuries to make it better.

When disaster strikes, indigenous communities receive unequal recovery aid

“There are huge gaps in the way the federal government responds to tribes when a natural disaster occurs.”

3 big ways that the US will change over the next decade

Hispanics and the other racial minorities will be the country’s main demographic engine of population change in future years; this is the most significant demographic change Americans will see.

“Mr. Vice President, I am speaking”: A culture of interruption

As evident by the debates so far, setting rules in advance is not enough. We also need to make sure that breaking those rules is not rewarded.