Sunday, September 26, 2021

The uphill battle for communities that ban pesticides

As cities and counties across the U.S. restrict or ban pesticides, many are realizing passing a law is but a battlefield victory in a prolonged war.

In defense of the wolf: This big bad animal is more prey than predator

While the human-wolf war rages on, perhaps we should consider the possibility that the Big Bad Wolf does not exist, but the Big Bad Human is alive and well.

Algerian forest reinstated as National Park after turbulent history

Djebel Babor forest in Northern Algeria was a National Park for 60 years before being stripped of its status. Now, despite political upheaval, the hard work of conservationists has paid off once again.

The story of water

Water is a human right and shouldn't be controlled by corporations whose primary motivation is profit.

Is fracking causing cancer in Pennsylvania? New letter demands an investigation

"This ongoing public health crisis calls for immediate action."

Zero waste: The global plastics crisis

Plastic pollution is one aspect of the global environmental crisis, a crisis rooted in consumerism and a socio-economic system championed by developed nations, which promotes greed, selfishness and division.

Can we talk – about John Bolton, false flag tanker attacks, World War III?

Are the Persian Gulf tankers the false flag attack that will trigger World War III?

The scary new math of factory farm waste

Factory farms are exempt from reporting requirements under the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts. Now a new tool can provide solid evidence of the environmental harm they can cause.

The Defense Department is worried about climate change – and also a huge carbon...

Yet with few exceptions, the U.S. military’s significant contribution to climate change has received little attention.

Fenced in: A surprising threat to coral fish and biodiversity

Massive traditional fish traps called fish fences catch hundreds of types of fish – many before they’re old enough to reproduce.