Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Williams pipeline support highlights environmental defense fund’s long, cozy relationship with fracking pseudoscience

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), an environmental group with close ties to the corporate community, has taken a friendly approach to the...

Unfair food pricing is killing family farms and regenerative farming

In February, a dairy farmer friend sent me a note confiding that a few farmers she knows are living on cereal until...

“We won’t stop fighting”: Groups file new lawsuit to fight Keystone XL

“The Trump administration has proven to be just as reckless with our Constitutional separation of powers as this dangerous Keystone XL pipeline is to the safety of our water and climate.”

Victory for activists as DNC considers hosting a climate-specific debate

Youth and climate activists had relentlessly expressed their desire for the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to host a climate change presidential debate....

‘Blatant disregard of international laws and treaties’: Japan resumes commercial whaling

"We see the resumption of Japan's commercial whaling as merely a continuation of the Japanese Government's blatant disregard of international laws and treaties."

Environmental groups release thousands of Interior Department emails documenting unlawful changes to basic transparency...

Internal emails reveal efforts, led by Interior's top lawyer Daniel Jorjani, stifling the flow of information to the public under the Freedom of Information Act

As climate chaos escalates in Indian Country, feds abandon tribes

With the climate crisis now escalating, and the federal government withdrawing, help from local muscle and outside charities is about all the disaster relief that Indian Country can expect for the foreseeable future.

McDonald’s can’t fool its shareholders: Big chicken is bad business

Over 130 food companies have all committed to policies that detail concrete improvements for chickens, McDonald's stands out in its refusal to join this momentum.

We must tame Big Ag to tame climate change

Our response to climate change should not be separated from those who work the land, and the soil.