Saturday, September 23, 2023

Demanding an end to ‘deadly fossil fuels,’ tens of thousands take the streets in...

"It's time for Biden to declare a climate emergency and phase out the fossil fuels killing people and wildlife around the world."

California joins states suing Big Oil for its role in the climate crisis

California is also encouraging other states and even other countries to step into the ring alongside it in the effort to hold the fossil fuel industry accountable. 

Pledge to fight the pollution of face masks

Pledge to protect those around us and our environment by wearing reusable face masks.

Volunteers plant 67,500 trees in Portuguese forest devastated by wildfires

"In an era of climate change, such disasters are becoming reality all over the world."

Amazon ships goods on Maersk’s first-ever zero-emissions container vessel

The "maiden voyage" was part of a 2023-2024 agreement Amazon finalized with Maersk to transport 20,000 40-foot equivalent containers using methanol through Maersk’s “ECO Delivery” ocean product offering.

Half of Earth’s glaciers could melt with 1.5°C of warming, NASA study finds

“We are not trying to frame this as a negative look at the loss of these glaciers, but instead how we have the ability to make a difference.”

US responsible for one-third of global oil and gas expansion

While the U.S. is the frontrunner when it comes to the size of new oil and gas plans, Canada, Russia, Iran, China, Brazil and United Arab Emirates are consecutive on the list.

World Bank pumping billions more into fossil fuels than publicly known: Study

"The easiest way for a big oil company or coal operation to escape attention surrounding public assistance is to cloak it in trade finance."

The climate crisis and Korea

By setting aside their myriad differences, North and South Korea can show the rest of the world that addressing the climate emergency must take precedence over all other disagreements.

Nestlé drops supplier linked to Indigenous land invasions

Marfrig cattle suppliers analyzed in the investigation were linked to more than 150 sq km of deforestation in recent years.