Saturday, October 19, 2019

Will Climate Change Make the Middle East Uninhabitable and Trigger a Mass Exodus?

It isn’t just the heat. Warming could create new dustbowls in the Middle East, making raising enough food impossible.

‘Mistaken’ Release of Glyphosate Report Raises Questions Over EPA’s Ties to Monsanto

Monsanto has vehemently denied cancer claims of its blockbuster product and has demanded a retraction of the IARC report.

Army Corps Denies Permits for Biggest Proposed Coal Export Terminal in North America

These dirty and dangerous projects will not move forward and we will strive to pursue pathways for justice for all communities as justice was upheld today.

Why Are Fish Suddenly Dying By the Millions?

In Vietnam the incidents of dead fish have become so bad that soldiers are being deployed to bury them.

Koch Brothers Struggle to Block Climate Action in State Legislatures

The Koch groups have been targeting state budgets as a vehicle to protect polluter interests, with limited success.

New Record Set for World’s Cheapest Solar

How does Dubai’s record-low solar tariff compare to the U.S.?

The EPA Hasn’t Updated Fracking Rules In Nearly 3 Decades. Now, Environmental Groups Are...

“Waste from the oil and gas industry is very often toxic and should be treated that way."

Political Cartoonist Fired for Criticizing Monsanto, Big Ag

The cartoonist drew a cartoon depicting the ridiculous profits Big Ag makes in contrast to local farmers.

Colorado Supreme Court Upholds State Power, Says Cities Can’t Impose Fracking Bans

The governor’s task force has failed to provide Coloradans with a way to protect their homes, families and futures from this dangerous, industrial activity.

America’s 21st Century Government: The Worst In This Country’s History?

“This 21st Century U.S. government’s achievements are virtually non-existent while its failures are monumental. That’s why I believe that historians of the future will conclude that it is the worst in American history.”