Thursday, July 9, 2020

Lawyers for Standing Rock water protectors are pleading for more help

Hundreds of DAPL water protectors have no lawyer at all.

Hundreds of acres of Ohio’s only national forest to be leased for fracking

The decision was made based on environmental assessment and research that is 11 years old.

Leaked audio: Dakota Access pipeline executive says “Election night changed everything” and DAPL “is...

Big oil believes “We now are going into a transition where we are going to have a new President of the United States who gets it."

Tell Canada to stop the commercial seal hunts

Put your voices together and tell them that that is what the people want.

Save the renewable fuel standard

Help us tell the EPA to keep the Renewable Fuel Standard and keep the United States moving away from dependence on foreign oil.

Solar capacity has increased 99% since last quarter

The industry is booming, and President Trump will be hard-pressed to stop it.

SeaWorld to open new park – killer whales not included

The company’s Abu Dhabi attraction is set to debut in 2020 and will use virtual reality to depict marine life, not live orcas.

As Trump names Exxon CEO Tillerson secretary of state, waterkeeper alliance asks EPA to...

“Now is the time to push back against this era of misinformation and move toward climate leadership built on truth and a respect for science.”

Drowning the world in oil

Trump’s carbon-obsessed energy policy and the planetary nightmare to come.

North Dakota’s public bank was built for the people – now it’s financing police...

The nation’s only state bank was created to empower small farmers and local economies, but now it’s being used to silence indigenous people with militarized force. How did this happen?