Thursday, May 28, 2020

Chief State Scientist Resigns and Accuses Republicans of Covering Up Water Crisis

State Epidemiologist Megan Davies has resigned her position because of the corruption of Governor Pat McCrory's administration.

One Year of a Coal CEO’s Salary Could Transition U.S. Coal Miners to Work...

The CEO of Consol Energy earned about $14 million in 2012, more than enough to retrain all of the company's employees for jobs in the PV industry.

Teens Discover Seed That Naturally Cleanses Polluted Water

The seeds of this tree can filter contaminated water, remove impurities and even make water drinkable again.

Epic Middle East Heat Wave is Being Compared to Weapon of Mass Destruction

Temperatures in the Middle East have reached record heights leaving scientists worried about the future.

Wind Generates 100% of Scotland’s Electricity Needs for Entire Day

"Scotland's abundant energy resources play a vital role in delivering security of electricity supply across the UK."

Science Advisory Board: EPA Lacked Clarity in Report on Fracking and Drinking Water Contamination

The EPA not only ignored high-profile contamination cases in its study, but prematurely abandoned investigations.

Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony Reminds World That Climate Change is Very Real

The Opening Ceremony at the Rio 2016 Olympics Games centered on climate change and its effects.

Chernobyl Could Become World’s Largest Solar Farm

If construction is approved, Chernobyl's solar farm will hold the title of "World's Largest Solar Plant" before Dubai's massive concentrated solar plant catches up to it.

Donald Trump Does Not Understand Solar (or Wind) Power

Trump is clearly not the candidate for environmentally-conscience voters.

The Disney-fication of Our National Parks

Congress is letting major corporations buy naming rights in America’s national park system.