Monday, November 30, 2020

Progressive Briefing for Wednesday, July 4, 2018

New ICE policy gives immigrant families a cruel choice, two more government agencies ax climate change from their websites, a majority of Americans want Citizens United overturned, and more.

Nuns protest Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline by building chapel on proposed route

The company has since filed an emergency court order to seize the nuns’ land and build the pipeline.

Trump approved shipping tar sands by rail to Alaska. The project’s owners are banking...

“The irony of seeing the melting Arctic as a route to get more planet-heating carbon out of the ground is almost too deep and sad for words.”

How the Koch network’s ‘social change’ strategy is built to kill the electric car

That's how you get policymakers to spurn electric cars.

Climate deniers in congress received over $80 million in dirty money

142 representatives and 38 senators have received a total of $82,882,725 from the coal, oil and gas industries.

Just released docs show Monsanto ‘executives colluding with corrupted EPA officials to manipulate scientific...

Monsanto continues to publicly deny that there are cancer connections to glyphosate or Roundup.

As US officially quits Paris Accord amid election uncertainty, progressives say ‘make this disastrous...

“The U.S. exit from the Paris agreement is a shameful act and is especially cruel at a time when the world is reeling from devastating disasters worsened by climate change.”

Biggest oil spill since Deepwater Horizon is twice as bad as we thought

The flow has been contained, but no cause for the ruptured pipe has been determined.

Top Five Green Energy Breakthroughs Today (Video)

Switching to sustainable energy sources such as wind and solar power is necessary to save the planet from the negative effects of global warming. Here are the top five breakthroughs the world's experienced today.

Trump administration’s solution to climate change: Ban the term

The effectiveness of this approach has previously been tested and has shown poor results.