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Progressive Briefing for Friday, August 3, 2018

7 hospitalized after pipeline explosion, Senate Democrats agree to major military spending, White House rolls back fuel economy standards, and more.

Study: Children have better nutrition when they live near forests

The data show that forests aren't just correlated with improvements in people's diets. We show that forests cause these improvements."

Federal Reserve wants climate risk analysis from 6 largest US banks

The Federal Reserve called the review a “pilot exercise” to make sure the U.S. financial system is ready for the various risks presented by the climate crisis.

People power: 160,000 European protesters demand action on climate crisis

"The objective of the march is to challenge the Belgian government as well as the heads of state and government who will attend the European Council summit in Brussels on 21 and 22 March."

US fracked gas imports to EU could ‘take world far beyond safe climate limits’,...

Campaigners warn that the continued use and import of fracked gas “torpedoes critical climate targets and violates basic human rights.”

Ocean heat waves becoming more frequent and killing coral instantly

Marine heatwaves, which have become more frequent, intense, and have been staying longer, are playing a huge role in coral death, says...

We need to talk about environmental projects that fail

Celebrating success is great, but a new study finds patterns we can learn from — including the fact that we ignore failure at our own peril.

Export ban should make US re-examine captive life of wild-caught elephants

Days before an export ban took effect, 32 wild-caught elephants were flown out of Zimbabwe to China. The secrecy around the ongoing capture and trade of the nation’s wildlife exposes lack of accountability, transparency and a hint of arrogance by Zimbabwean authorities.

Amid shutdowns, youth climate activists are writing the curriculum for a just economic recovery

“Organizing is intertwined with our survival as a people, and that can’t take a back seat."