Thursday, May 23, 2024

Air Pollution is Creating a “Public Health Emergency”

Air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate and needs to be made a priority for public safety.

U.S. to Pay $492M to 17 American Indian Tribes

Even as the U.S. government pats itself on the back over these settlements regarding the abuse of American Indian land, a federal judge has ruled against the Standing Rock tribe’s request to halt construction of the crude-oil pipeline.

China’s Tiger Farms Make Poaching Worse

Tiger farming stimulates the demand for tiger products, which stimulates the poaching of wild tigers for superior products.

Toxic Algae Blooms Set Historic Records From Coast to Coast

Harmful algal blooms can produce toxins that can cause serious illness in people.

Native Youth Demand A Senate Hearing On Dakota Pipeline Impact

“We are protectors of water, and we will stand strong and protect the water for future generations.”

Obama Administration Urged to Halt Dumping of Offshore Fracking Waste Into Gulf of Mexico

"The proposed permit violates the Clean Water Act because it causes an undue degradation of the marine environment."

The Bumblebee Could Be the Next Endangered Species

With a 90 percent population decline in the last two decades, the rusty patched bumblebee must be protected by the Endangered Species Act to survive.

The Last Time Summer Was This Hot, Human Beings Hadn’t Yet Left Africa

“In other words, it is not clear that we can survive big temperature increases like 6 and 10 degrees C.”

Nestlé to Continue to Pipe Water Out of California Despite Drought and Expired Permit

Nestlé has been using a pipeline to take public water, in drought-stricken California, and use it for selling purposes on an expired permit from 1988.

Archeologists: Dakota Access Pipeline Will Destroy Ancient Artifacts

“It is long past time for us to abandon fossil fuel projects that harm native communities and threaten the future of our planet.”