Thursday, September 28, 2023

Climate emissions from Gulf Coast’s new petrochemical, oil and gas projects same as 29...

And construction appears to be speeding up, with over 40 percent of those projects permitted between 2016 and mid-2018.

Washington petrochemical plant subsidies would violate federal ‘double dipping’ rules say environmental groups

The Port of Kalama methanol plant, if built on the Columbia River between Washington and Oregon, would expand North America’s capacity to export products produced by fracked shale gas wells.

Cargo vessels are killing more whales — and a new effort aims to save...

Collisions between whales and ships have increased, but an effort to hear, see and predict whale behavior could help reduce fatalities.

BREAKING: President Obama Rejects Keystone XL

It is a huge day for environmental activism. The years of tireless hard work and activism against the controversial Keystone XL pipeline have paid off. President Obama has rejected the pipeline once and for all.

West Virginia candidate ousted from hearing for reading industry donors. But bill she opposed...

“We need to reject this bill. Let's start valuing our people and stop making it quicker and easier for multi-million dollar companies to take advantage of people in our state.”

Leaked IPCC report warns of the future of oceans in climate change

This topic will be discussed at the Global Landscapes Forum New York 2019. Learn more about how to join here.

Standing Rock: Police Arrest 120+ Water Protectors as Dakota Access Speeds up Pipeline Construction

On Saturday over 100 people were arrested at a peaceful march after they were confronted by police in riot gear, carrying assault rifles.

Illinois lawmakers introduce energy bill with controversial coal supports

“We need to think long and hard, this legislature, about why we need to rush ahead.”

Must watch: Bernie Sanders and Bill Nye discuss climate change

“Instead of accepting that the climate is changing, deniers are denying the evidence and dismissing the authorities.”

Federal court tosses Trump’s clean power plan replacement

“Today’s decision is the perfect Inauguration Day present for America.”