France to shut down its coal plants two years earlier than planned

France hopes to become carbon neutral by 2050.


French president Emmanuel Macron announced France will be shutting down all coal plants in the country by 2021, which is two years earlier than originally promised.

In today’s market, coal plants are failing financially to their competition: clean energy technologies. According to a recent report from the Carbon Tracker, half of the EU’s 619 coal-fired plants are losing money and the losses will only increase over time.

This green energy solution, made by France’s newest ecology minister Nicolas Hulot, is just one of many green energy initiatives set to take place in France.

The nation will be banning the use of petrol and diesel-fueled cars by 2040, with programs in place to help poorer French citizens to trade in their cars for a cleaner mode of transportation.

With stricter air pollution regulations and higher carbon prices, it is no wonder renewable energy is the smart way curb climate change.

France hopes to become carbon neutral by 2050.


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