Saturday, August 24, 2019

“My whole heart is with you tonight”: A letter to the Dakota Access front...

We have survived this nation-state’s will for us because we are a fire that their water cannons cannot extinguish.

Disabled activist explains why he confronted Sen. Jeff Flake on airplane

“Republican politicians need to hear those voices. They need to take the blinders off and recognize what this bill will really do to people like me.”

The EPA Hasn’t Updated Fracking Rules In Nearly 3 Decades. Now, Environmental Groups Are...

“Waste from the oil and gas industry is very often toxic and should be treated that way."

Oceans, tuberculosis and killer robots – the UN’s diverse agenda in 2017

The first session of the UN conference to negotiate a legally-binding instrument to prohibit nuclear weapons.

Army Corps to grant final easement for DAPL on Trump’s order, ignoring Environmental Impact...

“Trump thinks he’s getting what he wants, but the people who’ve been emboldened by the worldwide fight against the Dakota Access pipeline won’t quietly back away.”

Using lunch to punish the poor

Nearly half of American school districts shame and stigmatize kids whose parents can't afford school lunches.

Big Pharma’s charging you 10,000 times more for these pills

This is a serious problem for many of those suffering from neglected tropical diseases in the U.S. who are unable to afford the medications they need.

Bike-Powered Farming Program Turns Lawns Into Urban Farms

A landowner or renter with owner consent, can donate their chemical-free lawn to Fleet Farming, which will then build a food-producing plot at least 500 square feet in size.

Which path to national improved Medicare for All?

The solution to preserving our social health systems is to make them universal.

Top cancer researcher fails to disclose corporate financial ties in major research journals

A senior official at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center has received millions of dollars in payments from companies that are involved in medical research. His omissions expose how weakly conflict-of-interest rules are enforced by journals.