Wednesday, July 17, 2019

A double-transplant cancer survivor takes on Trump over Obamacare

“My message to young activists is: Continue to advocate. Draw inspiration from what you see. Don't change the channel.”

Puerto Rico needs aid, not an occupation

Yes, Mr. President, Puerto Rico is enduring a "real catastrophe." But the U.S. military has other priorities – and that's what could make matters worse.

Tobacco industry donates millions to try and defeat Medicaid expansion in Montana

"Voters in Montana have a simple choice: side with companies that kill or with Montanans who need access to healthcare.”

Myths And Facts About HB 2 — The Anti-Choice Law That Could Overturn Abortion...

In covering Whole Woman's Health v. Hellerstedt, some media outlets have relied on right-wing media talking points purporting false claims. Here are the facts.

Of course, Medicare For All would increase federal spending…

But it would lower the total cost of health care.

Monsanto Cuts 16% of Work Force as Sales in Roundup Herbicide Fall 34%

Monsanto has been struggling for investor confidence following the announcement in March 2015 that the World Health Organisation’s cancer agency had declared the world’s most widely used weedkiller – glyphosate – a “probable human carcinogen”.

Bernie Sanders: If you throw 32 million people off of health insurance, tens of...

"Short term, I hope that we can work with the Republicans to end the absurdity of us paying the highest prices in the world for prescription drugs. Longer term we need a Medicare for all, and I will introduce that once this debate is over."

Standing Rock chair: Obama could stop the Dakota Pipeline today & preserve Indigenous sacred...

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, police deployed pepper spray and tear gas against dozens of Native American water protectors during a standoff at Cantapeta Creek.

A Bacon-Wrapped Cholesterol Bomb

Bacon continues to add to the growing obesity epidemic in America, not to mention the health problems that come with it. So could Little Caesars' new bacon-wrapped pizza, with an excess of toppings, help land you in the emergency room?

21 Plaintiffs Unite Cancer Cases Against Monsanto as EPA Forms Panel to Review Glyphosate

The agritech giant has vehemently denied the cancer claims of its blockbuster product and has demanded a retraction of the IARC report.