Friday, May 29, 2020

Resistance at Standing Rock: The people from Oceti Sakowin Camp

“I’m here to make the world a better place. I obviously can’t do it on my own, and when I saw a big group of people do that I took the opportunity to help anyway I can.”

Republican part-time nation: Going involuntary

Providing security to the nation’s workers is obviously not the Trump-Ryan agenda.

FDA’s war on kratom could worsen opioid crisis

Some scientists and advocates of kratom believe the drug is safer than opioid drugs sold in pharmacies and can help fight the pains and symptoms of opioid withdrawal.

The smoke’s gone, but hearts and lungs still may be in danger months after...

The long-term effects of breathing this cocktail are unknown.

Monsanto’s Glyphosate Most Heavily Used Weed Killer in History

Monsanto has long maintained the safety of their widely popular product. The agribusiness giant has also vehemently denied glyphosate’s link to cancer.

Sanders and Clinton Clash Over Soda Tax

Despite the fact that Clinton pledged not to impose any new taxes on households earning under $250,000 a year, she recently broke her promise by supporting Philadelphia’s proposed soda tax.

What the Narcissists Have Done to Our Jobs and Health

The narcissists in Congress are preoccupied with their own security rather than on the securing of a strong society.

Court orders EPA to close loophole, factory farms required to report toxic pollution

“This safeguard isn't just about protecting the environment; it's about making entire communities safe for the people who live in them.”

Big Pharma Preps to Spend Hundreds of Millions to Keep Drug Prices High

"PhRMA's decision to hike membership dues 50 percent will increase the trade group's considerable coffers to more than $300 million per year," Politico reports

Dow Chemical pushes Trump administration to scrap pesticide study

Dow donated $1 million to the presidential inauguration and the company's CEO, Liveris, leads Trump's advisory council on manufacturing.