GOP senator: Republicans have a “responsibility” to repeal the affordable care act no matter what

"Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign."

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Republicans Senator Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) is taking political responsibility to the extreme, claiming it is Republicans’ responsibility to follow through on campaign promises, even if it isn’t in the best interest of the American people.

Grassley told his constituents in Iowa that because the GOP campaigned heavily on the promise to repeal Obamacare, they have no choice but to fulfill that promise.

Speaking with the Des Moines Register, Grassley stated: “I could maybe give you 10 reasons why this bill shouldn’t be considered. But Republicans campaigned on this so often that you have a responsibility to carry out what you said in the campaign. That’s pretty much as much of a reason as the substance of the bill.”

The Iowa Senator went on to explain that the bill is not a one size fits all: “What might fit Massachusetts and New York and Maryland doesn’t fit Iowa very well,” Grassley says. “We’re going to give states the opportunity to deliver health care more efficiently and effectively, and in a more affordable manner then Obamacare has in the past.”

What Grassley failed to mention was that the proposed Republican health care bill would result in a loss of $215 billion over ten years, therefore decreasing state funding and leaving states with even less to work with to provide less-than-stellar health care.

Regardless of these facts, Republicans continue to push the bill, risking millions losing their health insurance. The reason was explained nicely by Senator Pat Roberts, “If we do nothing, it has tremendous impact on the 2018 elections. And whether or not Republicans still maintain control and we have the gavel.”


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