Thursday, September 28, 2023

Obamacare is actually working

The law has flaws, but more Americans are insured than ever – and insurers are still turning a healthy profit.

Supreme Court conservatives declare war against decades of regulations, potentially overturning decades of established...

What the nation witnessed on December 10, 2021, was a mere prelude to the corporate abuse SCOTUS conservatives would unleash on the average American.

Who gets to talk about how police need to change?

A FAIR study of NYT coverage from George Floyd to Tyre Nichols

Only renewables can provide the jobs and revenue Trump promised from oil

The president promised a surge of jobs and tax revenue from oil. His policies won’t deliver either one.

This American for-profit healthcare system would just as soon kill you as look at...

To this system, it doesn't matter whether a person lives or dies as long as it gets paid. That's why our healthcare costs are so high, even though our life expectancy is so low.

American Stonewall: The Cops Have Already Lost

If a politician wants to exercise real leadership, let them proclaim a day of healing where they lead a march of police and protesters together in support of a new era in police relations.

The New Flint: Children Exposed To Lead And Arsenic In Soil For Years, Are...

It's Flint all over again, except instead of a water crisis, it's a land crisis.

Will Obama’s offshore drilling ban be Trumped?

What can a new president and a new congress do?

BREAKING: Dakota Access Pipeline nearly completed

Will Energy Transfer Partners obey the Department of Justice and Army Corps of Engineers orders?

ICE killed Roxsana Hernandez

The war on refugees claimed another victim on May 25.