Friday, January 17, 2020

How the U.S. Went Fascist: Mass Media Make Excuses for Trump Voters (Video)

When Benjamin Franklin was asked by a lady after the Constitutional Convention what sort of government the US had, he said, “A Republic, Madame, if you can keep it.” You have to wonder if we can keep it.

The End of the Establishment?

Something very big has happened, and it’s not due to Bernie Sanders’ magnetism or Donald Trump’s likeability. It’s a rebellion against the establishment.

Spike Lee Endorses Bernie Sanders in New Radio Ad

"Bernie takes no money from corporations. Nada. Which means he’s not on the take! And when Bernie gets into the White House, he will do the right thing!”

Merchandised Consumer Democracy: The Cause of the Economic Cancer in the United States

Young people have the energy and vision to seek a national virtual referendum of, by and for the People, recognizing and acknowledging that people are unrepresented by their Congress and government, and demanding that the time for change is now.

America’s Addiction to Firstism — Delusion Decoyed as ‘Greatness’

For GOP primaries, Firstism is a universal affliction. Imagine the delightful firsts beaming from a Trump-Sanders presidential contest!

Militant MadAmerika

“In her great piece, Sara Gray makes the connection between kids playing at 'first person shooter games' and being in live combat. She explains how these kinds of games desensitize heavy players to images of violence- thus, isn't it easy to imagine shooting someone in real life when you spend all day simulating shooting someone?”

Why the 1% Don’t Fear the 99%

It’s the age-old ruse of divide and rule. Let’s not fall for that anymore.

Governor Snyder Accused of Withholding Documents on the Flint Water Crisis

A request for documents has been “completely ignored” by Michigan governor Synder.

How a Pink Flower Defeated the World’s Sole Superpower

Even in troubled Afghanistan, there are alternatives whose sum could potentially slice through this Gordian knot of a policy problem.

Why I Support Dr. Jill Stein for President

The candidate, seeking the Green Party nomination, is the only presidential hopeful who understands that what's important is not the election—it's the construction of anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist global movements. The building of these movements alone will save us.